Charlotte Clark: New EP 'Warm Weather', Releasing Music Under Her Own Name, & Honesty.

By: Ezzah Rafique | February 13, 2021


Charlotte Clark

Charlotte Clark is out with her new EP 'Warm Weather' and it's  magnetically beautiful. With her captivating voice and alluring pop tones, Charlotte creates a beautiful sound which take you through the journey of hardships and the beauty of life. 

Charlotte Clarks sat down with ORENDA MEDIA to talk about 'Warm Weather', playing in Harry Styles' band versus under her own name, and portraying honesty in her music.

Check out the interview below...

Congratulations on releasing your new EP, 'Warm Weather'! I'd love to ask about how you began to create the EP, did you have any intentions of releasing music this year?

Thanks so much! I started making this EP in 2018 so it’s been a long time coming. I didn’t really know when I was planning on releasing it, but with all of this time in lockdown, it felt like a good moment to share it with the world. I’ve appreciated music so much over the last year, so if I can help make someones day better with my music then I’ve succeeded.

How would you describe your creative process especially with this EP: Is there anything you've done differently due to COVID that you've learned from?

Because of COVID, we couldn’t work on the finishing touches on it in the way I would’ve necessarily wanted to, but it’s turned out better than I could’ve ever imagined. I’ve definitely been less of a perfectionist with my art due to having to make do with the situation, and it’s taught me to not overthink things.

Do you have a favorite song off of 'Warm Weather' or a favorite memory from creating the album/particular song from the EP?

Ooooh this changes every day! The memory that springs to mind is finishing a day of recording warm weather in Bergen, Norway and then heading out on a little boat trip with some friends in the fjord next to the studio. It was the sunniest day and was one of those spontaneous amazing days that you can never plan. That song started the formation of this EP so will always hold an extra special place in my heart! 

When working on 'Warm Weather', was there a message or vibe you intended to portray?

The only message that I wanted to portray was honesty. That honesty was mainly with myself too. I try not think about how anyone else will perceive the songs because it clouds your focus. I just wanted to be as open and honest as possible in each song.

 You put out some songs in the past year (sidenote, 'Drive On' is one of my favorites), how has the release process been for you?

Thank you! I’m so glad you like that one. The release process has been so lovely and super chilled. I just haven’t really had any expectation which has meant that everything that has happened from it has been a huge bonus.

I want to ask a little about your other job about being in Harry Styles' band, is there a difference for you when you play music in the band versus when you play music under your own name?

Yes! 100%. It’s completely different. When I’m playing under my own name, it’s my little world. It’s my safe space and my sanctuary to let everything off of my chest, and is such an emotional release for me, especially songwriting. Playing for Harry is such a fun experience, and it’s nice being able to detach myself from the songs and just enjoy playing someone else’s music. I don’t have that attachment to the songs in the same way so its just fun being in a role where you can just share this amazing energy with a bunch of people.

Did you play your EP to them or anyone close to you before releasing it? If so, how did they react to it?

Yeah these songs have been around for so long, and so many of my friends and family have lived with them in the same way I have! I’m so lucky to have such a supportive network of people around me.

I've read that you have been into music since you were a young kid, is there a band or artist that influences your music style?

Oooh there are so many. Like so many. I try and listen to as much music as possible, which is probably why my sound is so hard to pin down haha. There were a few artists that really got me into songwriting though and those were Jeff Buckley, Radiohead and Joni Mitchell.

Previously you've released music under the pseudonym 'ARK' and
now are releasing music under your own name. When did you realize you wanted to release work under your name and has that affected you in any way as an artist?

I think it was some time last year. I felt like I had grown out of that pseudonym and my own name is the only name that will always encapsulate every part of who I am. I think it has affected me as an artist in that I feel like I can fully just be myself with my audience and not have to think about if what I’m doing is fitting to the ‘ARK’ brand ha.

Lastly, is there a song that has influenced you in any way so much so that you wish you were able to be in the studio while the artist created it?

Good question. Young Hearts run free by Candi Staton. It’s one of those songs that you can dance and cry to. I’d love to know the conversations that were going on that day. It’s a perfect song.