Emergency Tiara: Uplifting Music, Erykah Badu, and 'Dancing in the Living Room'

By: Ezzah Rafique | February 13, 2021


Juri Jinnai (Emergency Tiara)

Emergency Tiara's frontwoman, Juri Jinnai, talks to ORENDA MEDIA about her uplifting music, Erykah Badu, and single 'Dancing in the Living Room'.

Check out the interview below...

To those who possibly don't know who you are, how would you describe Emergency Tiara?

It’s a movement and a community where everyone is welcome to be part of whenever you feel down or not understood so to be reminded how special and beautiful you are through music, dance, party, and all the hugging and loving! Honestly, it is the place I always was looking for for myself. :)

Is there a setting you can describe that would match with the tone or mood of your songs?

Nothing specific! The most important part is YOU so whatever the tone and mood that you find the most healing and kind to your soul, that’s the tone and mood I’m looking for.

I've read that you moved from Japan to the U.S. to study at the Berklee College of Music. While growing up in Japan, were there any specific bands or artists you listened to that influenced your style of music?

I love love LOVE Judy & Mary which is a female fronted Japanese pop punk band. I also listened to (and still do!) a lot of R&B/Soul such as Erykah Badu, D’Angelo and lots of French pop also.

Your songs not only have retro bubbly vibes but also have a nostalgic feel to them. When you sit down to create music, is there a message you intend to portray through your music? And, is there a genre of music you wish to try that you haven't?

That’s exactly what I intend to portray so I am so happy to hear that it is coming through!!! Uplifting music that has some familiar sounding elements that remind you of the tender and warm memories with possibly quite sassy lyrics but said in more easy to digest way. As far as the music genre, I love all kind of music and I would love to try as many as possible! Currently I’ve been in the mood for hip-hop inspired productions:)

How would you describe your creative process: Is there anything you've done differently due to COVID?

My writing partner/friend Carrie meet up three times a week and we just write, write, write and write more! Then start choosing songs to be produced by my dear producers, I normally share a few songs with each producer and ask them to choose their favorite. I believe the music always sounds the best when everyone is enjoying the creative process. And during this pandemics, it has been a long postponed opportunity to force myself to learn Logic so I could record my voice at home, it’s hard but it’s so fun!

If you were to remake one song of your choice, it could be any song, which would it be?
During this pandemics, I have been obsessed with Dua Lipa’s recent album “Future Nostalgia”. I love so many songs on this album but “Physical” “Good In Bed” are the songs that I wish I wrote. [Haha] ...sorry I couldn’t pick just one.


Juri Jinnai (Emergency Tiara)

Do you have any personal or musical goals going into 2021?

YES! This is the first time sharing this info but... we are working on our 2nd LP! So that’s the main focus of the year! And hopefully I learn more about Logic, Ableton and many other sides of music and art while working on it!

You put a few singles during 2020, what was the inspiration behind 'Dancing in the Living Room' and 'Summer Lover'?

“DITLR” is my quarantine cheerleading song that I needed it for myself to rediscover different ways to have fun without risking anyone’s health so I started to blast music in my apt, drinking homemade margaritas, closed my eyes and dancing around and around amongst my furniture. I wrote “Summer Lover” at the very beginning of the pandemic when I was naively thinking by the summer time, we can party, meet people and fall in love again... oh well.

And lastly, when moving to the U.S., what pushed you to move to NYC? Has the big city artistically inspired you artistically?

My mother. My mom wanted to study abroad when she was my age but her mother didn’t allow her to move so far away so she asked me to do it so she can make her dream comes true through me! She let me choose where I was going, so I chose the U.S. because I wanted to become a Japanese Erykah Badu.


Juri Jinnai (Emergency Tiara)