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347aidan: Writing Style, Meaning Behind The Name, and Reaction to "Dancing in My Room"

Interview & Photos by: Orchee Sorker | June 6, 2022

347aidan sits down with Hazze Media to talk about the meaning behind his name, his writing style, and viral song "Dancing in My Room".

Why did you choose your stage name 347aidan?

I chose my station 347aidan because my name is Aiden and 347 is an angel number. It means “peace that comes with time” and I really loved that meaning.

I love your style in all your songs. For your songs, do you purposely have the same vibes or unconsciously have similar style?

I think that I just make whatever I'm feeling at the moment. I make a lot of music. Some songs that I make are made like a couple of days apart and you know, so they're very similar. Then, some songs I have are very different from the rest.

Congrats on your viral song “Dancing in My Room”! Were you dancing in your room when it started blowing up? What was it like for you? How did you feel?

Haha, I wasn't actually dancing in my room, but I'm not sure what it was like. I was kind of expecting it to happen. So I didn't really feel any way about it.


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