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"adios", JAWNY's Love Song With A Dark Twist. Single And Music Video Out Now!

By: Camila C.

Back with yet another summery alternative-pop hit, JAWNY’s new single and music video, “adios”, is out now!

Don’t let the seemingly sweet and playful tune and cinematic, fast pace music video deceive you; this song holds immense sentiments of heartbreak, loss, and longing.

Vulnerability with his audience is not something new to JAWNY. He previously shared with HAZZE MEDIA how he deliberately uses authenticity to allow his audience to experience his emotional journeys in “live time” with him. “adios” definitely highlights that.

JAWNY’s intuitive nature when it comes to songwriting really shines through, as he turns his heartache into something tangibly beautiful in this bright music video and summer single, illuminating his optimistic, “go with the flow” nature.

“I could sit here and give a really smart sounding press quote where I make up a story to make this song sound really serious and pretentious”.

“But the truth of the matter is I wrote a song that I believe in. I made the best music video of all time for it and now it’s out in the world and it’s yours. go nuts with that.”

Watch the official music video HERE.

“adios” (Interscope Records) by JAWNY is available at all digital retailers HERE.


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