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Anais & Mirabelle Lee: From Dancers to Rising Twin Stars in Film and Media

Interview by: Ezzah Rafique
Article by: Camila Camacho

Taking a sibling bond to another level, actresses and stars in film and media such as The Baby-Sitters Club and The Upshaws, Anais and Mirabelle Lee go beyond sharing similar features; they even share the same passions and aspirations. The sisters sat down with Hazze to unravel how this came to be.

To simplify their adventure into the acting industry, it was all really just a happy accident! Despite their initial goals being primarily dance related, the sisters started off as models after being approached by a photographer, opening doors to opportunities that were unimaginable for them at the time. After moving through the hesitation of entering the modeling industry due to fears of scams, everything else fell into place. They quickly adapted to the commercial scene following working with agencies. Anais shares another crucial adaptation is supporting each other emotionally, even in a competitive field where at times they may even compete directly against each other. Anias says, “If Mirabelle books something that I auditioned for, I’m always going to be happy for her”. However, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t dedicated to landing their desired roles. Anais explains, “for auditions we don’t help each other, because we copy each other a lot”. This prevents their unintentional similarities from intervening with their success when it comes time for potential bookings. The sisters really have the perfect balance and a really respectful and understanding system. Mirabelle explains, “Honestly, for the most part, we don’t even tell each other when we have a call back or anything, and we literally find out through a family dinner.”

Everything happens naturally, and there is not any envious tension between them. In fact, rather than experiencing maliciousness or jealousy, they lightheartedly illuminate what roles the other wished they could have had if given the opportunity to swap, and how Anais would love to get involved with the horror genre how Mirabelle has, while Mirabelle contrasts this and would adore having the opportunity to play Steph Green from The Upshaws, which has a comedic approach.

Unmistakably, the actresses don’t just feel connected to their sister’s roles. “I have a lot of similarities between me and Jessi because obviously we are both ballet dancers, that’s the baseline. But I feel personality-wise too, she is very hard-working and cares a lot about her friends and family and her dreams and her aspirations. I care a lot about that stuff, too” says Anais Lee, who feels very drawn to her role in The Baby-Sitter’s Club due to their shared ambitions and motivations in life.

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