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Breathing New Life into an Iconic Brand: The Story Behind Armadillo World 2.0

Photos by: Ezzah Rafique

The Armadillo was an iconic 70’s music venue in Austin that hosted the world's greatest music acts from AC/DC to ZZ Top. Although the original venue closed, 50 years later the Armadillo rides again as the brand is being relaunched through multiple platforms, including a collaboration with Austin's Major League Soccer team Austin FC, a documentary film, music releases, and live events. Learn firsthand from the new Armadillo team how this relaunch came about, and get a sneak peek at the treasure trove of live footage from the Armadillo stage.


Marcus Peterzell - CEO, Passion Point Collective

Stephen Marshall - CMO, Armadillo World

Megan Lindon - Senior Director, Brand & Merchandise, Austin FC

Andy Langer - Host, Austin City Limits Radio


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