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"Casino Royale" Actress & Wife of "James Bond" Director Chats New Film "Cleaner"

Can you share the inspiration behind the upcoming film "Cleaner"?


I honestly can’t say much. I could say has to do with the environment, terrorists, and a girl who’s a cleaner of skyscraper windows, but can’t say much else. I wish I could say more!


I’m sure there must be a different dynamic to work with your husband, Martin

Campbell, who is well-known for his "James Bond" filmography. In what ways does your partnership impact the artistic process, and what can viewers anticipate from the harmonious combination of your acting and his direction in "Cleaner"?


I love working with him. He is pretty tough. He’s a perfectionist and very exact in what he does. But I like that so I respond very well to it. We obviously know each other so well that it makes it much easier in many ways. We can get right to the point very quickly.


How do you navigate the challenges and joys of pursuing both acting and singing



It keeps me busy but I love it. It keeps it exciting. But I also make sure I have my own time as well as time for my family and friends as well. It’s a balancing act but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


You've worked with well-known musicians such as French Montana and the

renowned producer Humberto Gatica. In what ways do these partnerships influence

your sound, and are there any ideal partnerships you hope to pursue in the future?


They definitely influence me but in different ways. With Humberto Gatica, he’s super close with my husband and is a perfectionist as well, which always pushes you to do your best. When I worked with French Montana, it was the first time I’d worked with such a huge artist, which made me nervous. But it all turned out great. He instantly made me feel comfortable and it all turned out great. I’m trying to finish a music project that I’ve been working on with Chris Zadley. I’m also working with a DJ called Fab in London. I’m really looking forward to both of those projects. 


Without giving away too much, can you provide insights into the character you

portray in "Cleaner" and the journey?


My character is really funny! [laughs] That’s about all I can say right now. But it’s a very funny character and it’s also very “me”!


Were there any unique or challenging aspects of the filming process, or any interesting anecdotes from the set?


I guess the most recent one was in Bulgaria. Martin was filming Memory and Monica Bellucci was going to be killed. They had fashioned a prosthetic on her neck for when it was going to be slashed. They shot the scene 2 or 3 times, each take requiring a two-hour reset to clean up and do her hair and makeup. There was fake blood everywhere! And the scene was only 15 or 30 seconds long. Anyhow, by the time they finished it was 5am, so she went home covered in the fake blood and had to shower at home. She wound up getting a little sick. But even her sneezes were elegant. She’s a real superstar!


Let’s talk about your new single, Te Quiero Así. What inspired the single and what do you hope fans feel when they listen to it?


I love the song. Although it’s a little bit depressing, it’s also happy in ways. It talks about love and the frustration that can occur when that love is not reciprocate. It’s actually very romantic.


To wrap up, what can your fans anticipate from your future projects, both in film and music?


With music, I just need to finish the songs. Everybody keeps asking me. I’ve been traveling so much that I just haven’t had much time to finish it. And in terms of the film The Cleaner, it’s the first thing I’ve done since my Memory with Liam Neeson, so I’m excited for everyone to see it when it’s released.


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