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Cassidy Daniels: Writing Real Things, Influences, & Her Process of Creating Music

Orchee Sorker | February 13, 2021
Photo by: Orchee Sorker

Country singer/songwriter Cassidy was originally born into a military family in Asheville, NC. She recognized her passion when she wrote her first song on piano, “Beautiful Day”, about finding positivity at home when her father was deployed in Iraq. She began doing music professionally at the age of twelve years old and moved to Nashville by herself when she was seventeen years old. Soon, she began performing in cities like Los Angeles, New York, and Nashville. In a few years, Cassidy caught the attention of Grammy Award winning songwriter, Liz Rose. In October of 2019, Cassidy signed a co-publishing deal with Liz Rose Music and Warner Chappell. In February 2020, she released her first self-titled EP. Following the release of her debut EP, Cassidy landed tour dates with Willie Nelson throughout Florida. Today, Cassidy continues to write songs and resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

Describe your music genre. Who are your musical influences? Is there another genre of music you’d like to try that you haven’t? Some of my biggest influences have to be Aretha Franklin, Miranda Lambert, Janis Joplin, & Carrie Underwood. I’ve been told my genre is if Stapleton & Janis had a love child, haha! I may want to try to break into the pop/rock scene one day, but country music has my heart forever.

How do you get inspired to write your songs? Do you write lyrics or create music/beats first?

Lots of times I’ll be talking to someone and I or they will say something cool. I’ll stop for a minute and think to myself, “hey that would be a cool title” and then I just jot it down as a song idea. Lyrics first, music second for me—but it’s different for everyone!

How would you describe your creative process? Is there anything you’ve done differently due to COVID?

My creative process comes mostly from travel so as one can imagine COVID has definitely put a damper on that! During this time I’ve really just tried to rely on past experiences and music from other artists for inspiration!

Has social media and audience feedback affected you as an artist and the type of songs you write?​

Yes and no. Overall, my main goal is to write things that are real and raw. I want to write about things that have had an impact on me, but there is such beauty in the lives of others that most people look right past. Social media and/or a crowd really put that into a real-life perspective.

Obviously with COVID, touring has been put on a pause, but when everything’s back to normal again, where do you plan to tour? Any specific city/country you’d like to visit?

Honestly, I’ve missed the road so much that I will literally go anywhere to play music! & I mean ANYWHERE. If I had to pick one place though, playing in Europe would definitely be on my list!

Do you have any specific goals for 2021, whether that’s music or personal goals? My goals for 2021 are to be strategic in my career and release more new music for the fans who have stuck by me through this crazy year! Personally, a goal of mine for 2021 is to become more in tune with the energy in myself and around me!

If you can give one piece of advice to your fans & the world, what would you give?

My one piece of advice that I always offer to anyone is that hard work will always trump anything else. It doesn’t matter the hand you’ve been dealt, it doesn’t matter your past or background. Hard work always wins in the end.


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