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Christian Weissmann: Talks about Acting, "Saved By The Bell" & New Movie "Crushed"

Interview by: Orchee Sorker from HAZZE MEDIA Photography: Ryan Clemens

To anyone who may not know you, how would you introduce yourself?

C: My name’s Christian Weissmann. I’m an actor and writer, originally from Chicago & now living between Los Angeles and New York. You may have seen me in the Saved By The Bell reboot, American Housewife or Dear White People. Also, I’m an Aquarius/Pisces cusp!

What does a typical day look like for you?

C: I would say it depends on which side of the country I’m on! In LA, if I’m working, I spent those entire days on set. If I’m off set, I love waking up and going to my favorite coffee shop, Priscilla’s and going for a run. In NY, I would say I spend a lot of time writing and

then also, drinking lots of coffee.

What has been one of your favorite roles you have played so far?

C: Hmm. I would say it would have to be Nate in Saved By The Bell. My character “Nate” is a bit of a golden retriever that just wants to have fun & get by easy. Working on the show has been one of the best experiences.

Congratulations on your new film "Crushed!" where you are Conrad! How did you get the role? What was your favorite scene from the movie?

C: Thank you! I sent in a audition tape for the role of Conrad and heard a couple days later that I booked it! I was over the moon and very excited to bring the character to life and work with our director, Niki Koss. It’s hard to pinpoint a favorite scene as every

one was so fun to shoot. Probably, the first party scene on the bus!

Do you see any similarities between Conrad and yourself?

C: I’m happy to share that I don’t see any, really. He’s not the nicest guy and is a big prankster. It was really fun though to play such a wild character.

Your role of Conrad and most of the previous roles you played were for coming-of-age tv/film. What do you love most about this genre? Are there any other genres you would like to act in?

C: I love participating in projects that I can relate to personally and the coming-of-age films/tv truly match where I am in life. I love creating art for people to connect to and laugh with. I would love to dive deeper into drama and play a darker role in the future.

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