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Dallon Weekes, iDKHOW Command the Stage at Bottom Lounge Chicago

Review by: Joanne Haner | June 6, 2024

Dallon Weekes is no stranger to the stage. From his days with the indie rock group The Brobecks in the early 2000s, Weekes has been a performer for over two decades — and that comfort and familiarity of the stage goes a long way.

After a warm welcome from opening act benches, an up-and-coming San Diego-based indie band, iDKHOW took the stage, welcomed by a roar of applause from the packed music hall.

At an intimate, 700-person capacity venue like Bottom Lounge Chicago, audience engagement and contagious energy is key to an enjoyable performance, and Dallon Weekes, as an experienced entertainer, is an expert in both. He literally puts himself in the action of the crowd and makes the crowd a part of the band’s ensemble, leading to a memorable experience for everyone. 

The setlist consisted of tracks from a variety of the band’s eras, ranging from tracks from their latest release, “GLOOM DIVISION” to their breakthrough EP “1981” and even way back to covers from The Brobecks. Especially during the Brobecks numbers, Weekes had extra fun with the crowd. During “Visitation of the Ghost” towards the end of the show, he parted the audience and walked up and down the crowd’s divide, singing and dancing with fans. During that song and another Brockbecks number, “A Letter,” he involved the audience for background vocal games. 

In a twist of irony, iDKHOW closed off their show with two songs in the encore, including “Nobody Likes the Opening Band” from their last album, “RAZZMATAZZ.” An homage to small bands just starting up and facing the trials and tribulations of the music scene, ending this show with a nod to where they first started is sure to put a smile on faces of new and longtime fans alike. 

There’s never a dull moment when watching iDKHOW perform. From rotating guitars and basses to colorful light shows and community engagement, Weekes knows how to work a crowd, making his lasting success a testament to his performance skills.


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