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Dayglow: Playing Festivals, "People In Motion" Album, and track "Second Nature"

Interview & Photos by: Kayla Saliman | October 8, 2022

KAYLA: So you've been doing a bunch of festivals all summer.

SLOAN: I have.

KAYLA: How are you doing?

SLOAN: I'm doing good. I'm like, yeah, just like going with it all. It's been really fun. Yeah. I feel like festivals are so cool. A lot of fashion. Um, I wonder what it used to be like before social media, like festivals, Like was it the same vibe? I don't know. Probably not. Coachella changed it.

KAYLA: So how do you like playing festivals?

SLOAN: I love it. I mean, it makes total sense. Like I knew when I made my first album, I was like, Oh yeah, like, This could really do well at festivals. And I grew up going to ACL in Austin. It's just like festivals are really fun and exciting and a cool thing. Like there's really nothing else like it. Um, it's exhausting, you know? Uh, and weird, like playing in front of a lot of people that don't know your music, but also really fun. But I'm excited to be on tour, basically like next week-ish!

KAYLA: So you have an album coming out?

SLOAN: Yeah. Early October.

KAYLA: How would you describe the vibe of the album? Who are your inspirations?

SLOAN: It's a very like, dance focused album. It's like LCD SoundSystem-esque, Passion Pit-ish. There's Phoenix stuff in there. I think Fuzzy Brain was like a very indie, like early two thousands ish kind of thing. Uh, Harmony House is like a very eighties record, and then People In Motion kind of combines the two, and it's like a more modernized, pop attempt at like making pop songs, you know? Yeah. Music people can dance to, the show's gonna change a lot after this show, actually, this is like our last one before, like everything changes.

KAYLA: Are you excited for that?

SLOAN: I'm very excited. Yeah. I program all my stuff myself, so like I've been working really, really hard. I'm excited to finally change it up.

KAYLA: That's probably a lot of work though.

SLOAN: Yeah.

KAYLA: But it makes it feel more personal.

SLOAN: For sure. Yeah.

KAYLA: Okay. So which songs are you the most proud of off your new album?

SLOAN: Ooh, um, there's a song called Second Nature, which actually came out today. Um, so that's like a really, really fun, long format song. It's six minutes. It's just like a dance song. Like a really fun, dance song. I'd be really proud of that one, if I had to pick one. But honestly, the whole record I think kind of speaks for itself and like every song is kind of like its own little single, you know? So, Yeah.

KAYLA: I love that. That's awesome. Okay, so this one's a little bit sillier. What is your favorite candy?

SLOAN: Let's see. I honestly don't eat candy anymore, but if I had to pick a favorite, I love chocolate, like dark chocolate I love. No like specific brand. But typically like, you know, That's like the one candy that's like, "oh, I know where this is coming from". But there's some candies where I'm like, Yeah, I think, Sour Skittles. They, they terrify me. What just happened? I don't know if it was in the U.S. It might have been in the US and somewhere. I think in Europe. In Europe, they just deemed it inedible, so like they can't sell 'em anymore. It's like, they're like, this isn't even edible. They like, eat your tongue. Actually, it's pretty weird.


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