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GAYLE: Inspirations, New EP "A Study of the Human Experience V2", & Goals

Interview & Photos by: Kayla Saliman | October 8, 2022

KAYLA: How did you get into music? How has your music journey changed throughout your career?

GAYLE: I first started singing after I learned about Aretha Franklin. I'll break it back...I was in school, and I was learning about Ella Fitzgerald. I was learning about scatting and then I went home, and I started scatting, like everywhere. My mom was like, "What are you doing?" I was like, "I'm scatting cuz that's soul and that's jazz." She was like, "I'm gonna show you other music, just so you know it exists." Then, I found Aretha Franklin. I was like, "That's exactly what I wanna do when I grow up. Like that's exactly who I wanna be." I just think I really fell in love with like her passion, and the way it like translated to live performance and the way she was able to like invoke emotion into people. I just really admired her from a young age. I believe I was seven, when I kind of made that discovery. When I was 14 / 15, I found Alanis Morissette and found rock music. I would say that was a really like monumental change for me and my sound, finding alternative music and finding the energy of alternative music live. It made my heart flutter, and I incorporated to my life performance and then the music I make today. Also, Julia Michaels, Oh my god. finding her and her songwriting. The iconic, iconic songwriters and pop music changed my life.

KAYLA: Do you have any goals at the moment or any you proud of reaching recently?

GAYLE: I'm trying to think if I have any goals at the moment. I guess my goal is to tour more next year. I would really love to get on another artist's tour. I'm putting out a second EP in October. I'm excited for that to come out. I'm kind of doing these festivals for the rest of the year, and then I'm gonna spend more time working on the music. I recently just did a 22 day run in Europe, and we played around seven festivals, and it was so fun. We went to Austria, Germany, Netherlands, and Israel for the first time.

KAYLA: Did you like it?

GAYLE: It was beautiful. The sunsets there, the beach was stunning. I was actually doing a guest appearance for this artist Noa Kirel, and it was a show for 33,000 people. It was absolutely insane. I played ABC and they knew it, which was crazy. It was just so fun. It was such an honor for like a young woman who was such a huge platform in Israel to invite an 18 year old girl, to go on stage with she could have invited so many other people. The fact that she cared to get me at her show really meant the world. That was fun! Awesome opportunity!

KAYLA: I feel like most artists, they don't even think to go to Israel.

GAYLE: Literally! I already crossed it off my list, It was amazing. It was very obviously like a once in a lifetime opportunity. She literally put me in front of a platform that she spent years and years building. It was in honor that she used incorporated me into that show.

KAYLA: You have an EP coming out.

GAYLE: I do.

KAYLA: What was your biggest inspiration for the record and what feelings do you hope to share with your audience?

GAYLE: I've kind of been writing for the two EPs for the past four years. When I was 14, I started going by GAYLE and I really want to get signed by Atlantic Records and to put music out through them. Then, I did everything that I possibly could writing wise to try and get them interested in me. Well, obviously now we're here, which is absolutely insane and blows my mind. This is kind of before I got signed. I probably wrote 200 songs just specifically for this project. Lorde was for sure an inspiration. I mention Lorde actually in one of my songs. Wet Leg was a really big inspiration. I would say Wet Leg is more of an inspiration for a music I've yet to put out. For the music I'm writing right now, Sasha Sloan, I would also say is like a really big inspiration. Julia Michaels obviously, Alanis, Joan Jett. Billie obviously. Still Woozy, Oliver Tree. Just kind of like pop music with alternative inspirations.

KAYLA: Last question. This is a silly one.

GAYLE: Ooh. I love a silly question.

KAYLA: If you could speak with animals, but only one animal, what would it be?

GAYLE: Dogs. There's so many dogs. Dogs are everywhere. There's so many dogs in houses. Like imagine if you could go to anybody and just talk to the dog. They gotta have secrets. They have to, they've seen so much. They have seen things. What people are okay with dogs seeing, I'm personally not okay with. If somebody could talk to your cat, like imagine if you're like seeing somebody and then they have a dog and then you can just be like, Spill, spill. I can only talk to the dog. So the dog can't talk to anybody. Yeah. Cause if I can just walk into anybody's home who has a dog and just be like, What's up? I also wanna know what's going on in my dog's brain. We rescued her- and she's had three owners before us, I believe.

Oh, she has stories. I wanna know and also like, I'm always like, Are you waiting out for that one owner? Are we that owner? I hope we're that owner. We've had her for like three years. We got her and she was three and she had like three owners. So like we've had her the longest, but I'm like, Are you holding out? I love how petty I am. Even with my dog. I'm like, are you thinking of your exes right now? Like, what is it? What is it? Are you thinking of anybody else? Excuse me, I feed you, I give you water, I pet you. When you sleep at night and I'm sleeping right next to you, who do you think of? Are you thinking? Who are you thinking of? Or like dogs say something and then I'm like, I heard that. And then they're like, What? Whoa, what's going on? Like, what's happening? Have you ever seen Dog With A Blog?

KAYLA: I have seen Dog With A Blog.

GAYLE: I want that. I want that to be my life. Like only talk to the kids. Like it was a vibe.

KAYLA: And you could just like, have your best friend be a dog. Or like, would you have to bark or would you want them to explain that in English?

GAYLE: I would want them to, Mm. Maybe both. I could bark and they would get it maybe in private. Then we, then we go into English. They know, they understand the vibe. Or maybe I'm like, I turn into a crazy person. Yeah. And I'm like, I understand these dogs, but in reality nobody knows what's happening.

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