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Interview: Blossom DJ by Jewel Fiorillo

What introduced you to the EDM community?

“I found out about it kind of through my sister. During her MySpace days she listened to a lot of electronic music that was posted on there. From there I found a blog that played mashup electronic music. It was something that I listened to mostly alone at first. It was only until college that I realized other people also enjoy that music and I was able to find a community in EDM. The rest is really history!”

Let’s talk about your new rumored drum and Bass song, Tell me a little bit about it.

“Over the pandemic in 2020 I got really into drum and Bass. I started streaming about twice a week on twitch at home and my viewers seemed to like the times I played drum and bass songs. Drum and Bass was always something that I listened to alone like I said again I didn’t know many people that were into it. I converted one of the streaming days I did a week into an only drum and bass day. I just really fell in love and found a new part of EDM that I’m passionate about. It helped me get through a lot of stuff through the pandemic and take my mind off of all the craziness.

More recently I decided I wanted to try and make more drum and bass songs. At first it just started as a fun little side project aside from work but now I wanna make it part of my work.”

Can you tell me more about your new single Tremors?

“My new single Tremors is supposed to be a lighthearted and fun little summer bop! It’s about having that hot girl summer and your little crushes you're nervous about and falling for. It's just a moment where I am vibing and the lyrics are coming to me.”

How was it performing at EDC last weekend?

“It was insane. One of the things about opening a festival is you would think it wouldn’t be the most fun but it really is great. You see people running to your set and it's just the best feeling in the world. It was definitely a crazy experience. Starting with having no one at my set to having a fully packed crowd was the most insane experience.”

What is your goal with your music this year?

“I really want to take what I learned from the drum and bass world and incorporate it into the bass house more. I want to make it more emotional and moving. I love festival culture and I love when people sing-along in the crowd to songs. And ultimately that’s my goal to be able to make music that people can do that too.”


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