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Jessie Murph: The Drowning Tour 2023

Photographer: Stephanie Siau
February 24, 2023 | The Basement East in Nashville, TN

The second night of the Drowning Tour made its pit stop in Nashville, TN with a sold-out attendance. Fans lined up way before doors even opened, excited for what the night was going to hold.

Charlieonafriday first took the stage, getting fans excited for Jessie’s set. He sang a variety of his popular TikTok songs to a few unreleased ones; intimate ones and ones that got that crowd wild. As soon as he finished his set, “Jessie” chants erupted the room. Eager fans so ready for the 18- year old star to take the stage.

Jessie began her set with “I Would’ve”, starting the night off with some fan favorites from her most recent mixtape “Drowning”. The entire night consisted of fans screaming every lyric back to her. At times, the TikTok sensation would let fans against the barricade sing some lyrics in the mic, specifically at the beginning of her song “While You’re At It”. Fans could tell it meant the entire world to Jessie that her music resonated with so many young adults.

Before she sang “What Happened to Ryan”, she made sure to tell her fans that her whole heart behind her show was to create community. She also reminded her fans to check in with their friends, and the importance of kindness in the crazy world we live in today. She shared about watching loved ones struggle with mental health and addiction. She created a welcoming space for everyone, making sure her fans were seen and heard, and loved.

In addition to singing released music, she shared a handful of unreleased ones like “Hollow”, “Wildfire”, “Mean It”, “Blame Love” and more.

Jessie is on the road till April 7th, closing out her tour in her hometown. If you are lucky enough to have snagged a ticket to one of her show dates, get ready to witness incredible raw and genuine talent like none other. To say this is just the beginning is an understatement.


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