Justus Bennetts: New single "Don't Trip", TikTok In Music Industry, & Stepping Out of Comfort Zone

Orchee Sorker | March 25, 2022

With over 135M global streams, viral Gen Z pop artist, Justus Bennetts shares the importance of stepping out of the comfort zone, TikTok’s influence on the music industry, his tour, and the process and collaboration behind his latest single “Don’t Trip” ft. GAYLE.

HAZZE MEDIA's Director of Press, Orchee Sorker, chats with Justus Bennetts virtually on Zoom (video interview below).

Photo Credit: Joseph Governale

O: "Hi, how are you doing? How was your day?"

Justus: "My day so far has been going really well. I've had a pretty hectic three weeks. I was in New York for two weeks, and then I was in LA for a week. Now, I'm back home in Raleigh, and I'm just relaxing. I'm trying to decompress a little bit."

O: "Music has been apart of your life since you were really young. How do you think music has changed you over the years? Was music something you always wanted to pursue?"

Justus: "I never actually saw myself pursuing music as a full-time thing until about a year ago when I actually started recording myself and releasing my music on a regular basis. It just didn't seem like something that was super attainable. I kept going and the more the music I put out I started doing better. It helped get a better mindset, and everything started changing."

O: "Speaking of your music…your songs are really catchy and your songwriting is vivid and expressive which adds to the storytelling that is in your songs which makes people connect emotionally. “Real Life Sux” has been an influential song to myself and probably many others. Why do you think taking the risk and getting out of your comfort zone is important to living fully?

Justus: "I think what I've heard over a lot of the time is that ‘comfort zone' is where dreams go to die’ because the more comfortable you get, the more satisfied you get with things that are generally average. If you get too comfortable, you kinda stop and you start coasting, and you don't actually try to push yourself harder. Pushing out of the comfort zone gets you to places that you normally wouldn't think of."

O: "Your latest release “Don’t Trip” is featuring GAYLE. How did the collaboration happen?"

Justus: "I wrote the song with some friends in upstate New York quite a while ago. We were sitting in the song for a long time…and before GAYLE had dropped the “abcdefu” song and everything started happening for her, she actually had messaged me on Instagram awhile ago. I actually never saw it until recently when I was in New York. She had messaged me and just said that she loved my music and everything. My management was talking about doing a feature for a couple of weeks. I saw that she was in New York cause I follow on Instagram. I had hit her up while she was in New York, and said we should get together and get in the studio to do it. It was like her last day there, so we weren't able to actually link up. She went to LA the day right after I had messaged her. We had pretty much locked in the idea of a feature, and she went to a studio and recorded her feature out there in LA. Then, sent it back to us, and, you know, it turned out really great. We eventually linked up this past week in LA and did a full photo shoot and music video and stuff for it. It kind of happened fairly naturally."

O: "What was the inspiration and creative process behind "Don't Trip"? Did you play the guitar section?"

Justus: "Well, so basically when we were making the song, it was just me and like my boys that I make all my music with. We were all just having fun in upstate New York. We rented out a cabin for a week and we had fun and just got ****** up making music the whole time. It was just like a really natural creative process. The whole point of the whole trip was to just have fun and make cool music. I think “Don't Trip” definitely falls into that category of ‘just not caring what everybody else thinks’...like not going on to societal norms or doing things that everybody tells you to do just because people tell you to do that.

I didn't, I wish I could play guitar like that. It was my producer friend, Doc…his buddy Amir actually played the guitar on it."