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Kr3wcial: Spreading Truth, Love + Light in the Music Industry

Interview + Photos by: Jenny Salazar | Styled by: Sage Edgerson | January 30, 2023

J: How long have you been creating music?

Kr3wcial: I originally started writing raps in middle school, and by 11th grade, I was recording myself and a lot of my friends. By senior year I began recording, producing, and engineering myself. So I’d say about 18+ years.

J: What's been your favorite event to perform at?

Kr3wcial: It was actually this year, in the middle of my first tour, when I was able to perform original songs at BUKU festival in New Orleans with my GlblWrmng family. Being the first performer on stage that day and having the chance to rock the same stage that Tyler the Creator and Baby Keem would later perform on is a moment I’ll cherish forever.

J: What have you gained the most from your experience with GlblWrmng (New Orleans-based Music Business Collective)?

Kr3wcial: Working with GlblWrmng has allowed me the opportunity to not only grow and network for myself, but alongside a group of like-minded creators who I can learn and exchange ideas with. At times we as artists tend to isolate ourselves to focus and make sure we are staying on course in our individual journeys, so it’s nice to have what feels more like a family around to help motivate and inspire each other as we progress in our careers.

J: How are you trying to impact the industry with your voice?

Kr3wcial: Music can at times, be a conversation between the artist that creates the work and the listeners who receive it. I tend to enjoy intellectually driven conversations that allow my mind to travel to new lanes of thought. I feel that as artists, we have [a] responsibility that includes sharing the truths that may be felt more often than heard in this human living experience. I want my voice and overall association to the industry to help fight for the spread of truth, love, and light.

J: What’s your favorite type of fashion style you like to perform in?

Kr3wcial: I’d say my favorite fashion style is wherever the lanes of being comfortable and having functionality meet. Then I usually try to add my own personality to what I’m wearing. I really enjoy my dickie overalls! They are easy to stay active on stage in, and I always feel like it’s time to go to work when I have them on. At the moment I have 5 pairs and 4 of them are customized with either pant leg tailoring or hand painting.

J: What inspires you to create music?

Kr3wcial: Life. Living and being present in moments is how we expand who we are. Whether it’s the sound of the world waking up when I go to the park in the morning, or the feeling of the bass pulsating through the floor when one of my friends is DJing during a night out. It could be the feeling of loss when a loved one transitions to the other side, or the first time you contemplate telling someone you love them. This life is a journey of lows and highs, and in it, I find [it] important to use music to preserve the moments we are gifted with.

J: If you could collaborate with any musician who has passed away, who would it be and why?

Kr3wcial: Probably Bob Marley. Around 2011 I started listening to his music religiously, and it happened to be the same time that I was moving into my first apartment. The space to myself gave me the room to grow and find peace. The messages in his music definitely inspired me to create in the pursuit of love and freedom. Could You Be Loved?, No Woman No Cry, and Three Little Birds are my favorites.

J: What was your first memorable interaction with music?

Kr3wcial: My first memorable interaction with music was watching my dad, Tony Gullage. [He'd] create and rehearse in our house with his bandmates and other historic New Orleans Jazz Musicians, including Irma Thomas, Davell Crawford, and Henry Butler. It was always cool [to watch] from the side and help if I could (which usually included packing up his bass guitar and speaker cords).

J: Do you play any instruments? If so, what? If not, what are some you’d love to learn?

Kr3wcial: I was raised around live music and musicians, so growing up, I was never far from an instrument. I picked up a guitar and attempted to learn, but it never stuck. I had piano class in middle school, but I never gave it much attention. My favorite thing to do was always write and perform my raps. Now that I’ve had the ability to do so, I’ve been working on improving my artistry in every way I can. That being said I’ve been teaching myself piano for the past few months, and I love it. Honestly, this is some of the most fun I’ve had learning in a long time. I know about two songs right now, and I plan on playing during one of my own sets in the future!

J: What are three top qualities/characteristics that you believe helped you get where you are in your career?

Kr3wcial: I often believe that my big three, as far as top qualities and characteristics, that helped me to progress and navigate my way through the music and entertainment industry are my perspective, self discipline and my creativity. [Seeing] alternative viewpoints of the world around me has allowed my music to paint a different picture for people than what may be considered the social norm. Although [the] perspective is extremely important the amount of self-discipline required to maintain consistency in business is also vital to growth and expansion. Being on time for meetings, shows, sessions, etc., can provide more opportunities to present [themselves]. So much can be attributed to simply showing up and being present. Lastly, my creativity is one of my most favorable tools that help construct what I consider a healthy model for success. Finding places to create doors where there used to be walls is how we, as artist can become limitless in our creative experience. Often I’ve realized the only thing holding us back is ourselves, but once we remove the blocks in our creative pathways, energy flows non-stop, and we get to the destination for us.


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