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Malachiii: Debut EP The Ascension, Creative Aspirations, & Finding Joy through Music

Interview by: Lauren Sanchez | Photo Credits: Motown Records & Kaoru Yamazaki | July 13, 2022

Malachiii's debut EP The Ascension is out now! Listen to it here!

Check out Malachiii's interview with Hazze Media journalist, Lauren Sanchez!

How did your journey into music get started? Who would you consider to be your musical inspirations and why?

M: My journey into music began when I discovered singing and doing musical theater around 12 years old. This was the first time I had to perform vocally, but I didn’t start writing my own songs until around 14 years old. My biggest musical inspirations are Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Kanye West, and Pharrell. These are artists that are bigger than life, have inspired a generation of artists, and have transcended music through their creativity and humanity.

Congratulations on the release of your debut EP The Ascension, that’s amazing! How would you describe the sound/vibe?

M: Have you ever been really excited about a movie you just saw, your friend asks you to describe it, and you tell them, “It’s crazy, you just have to see it”? That’s what my music is like. It’s something that you have to experience for yourself. This EP has a bit of everything. It’s an opportunity to hear the many sides of Malachiii.

How did you go about choosing the title The Ascension?

M: I’ve had a concept for an album called Up in the Clouds for quite some time now, so when we decided to do an EP first, we needed a name that sounded like a precursor to that album. My manager Brian actually came up with the name The Ascension, which was so fitting with the world-building we’ve done on this project and where I was in my life’s journey.

What are you most proud of after completing your EP? Were there any creative challenges/hurdles you had to overcome during the process?

M: I’m just grateful to have my very first project and body of work out in the world and to share my art, which is my heart! The biggest challenge was picking songs because I make so much music and so many kinds of music. It’s always a challenge to put together a body of work that accomplishes the dynamics you want while also having a project that flows well.

What song(s) are your personal favorites and why?

M: I love all the songs, but I’d have to say "Back We Were Kids” and “Elevate” are very special to me. “Elevate," because it represents and reflects upon my life in such a vulnerable and personal way, and “Back When We Were Kids” because of its universal message as well as feelings of nostalgia, hope, and longing for a better world.

What do you hope listeners resonate with most after listening to the EP? What do you hope they learn about your music style and you as an artist?

M: I hope at the very least they’ve discovered something that's meaningful. I’m just grateful for the exchange of energy and the ability to share my art and have people enjoy it. I hope my creativity, humanity, and life experiences resonate with people.

What do you think differentiates you from other musicians out there? How do you strive to make your sound and style unique and authentic to you?

M: I think my approach to music and the many colors that I bring to the table in my own unique way is what differentiates me. I’m a very hands-on creative, producing and writing on all my songs. What I’m learning is that if you’re being yourself, the uniqueness is inherent. In the world of comparison, it can be hard to be OK with just being you, but if you can stick with that, you won’t have to try hard to be unique because you're already unique by nature.

In your artistry bio, it reads “Malachiii knows joy." What, from your perspective, does joy look like and mean to you?

M: Joy is being present, being grateful, being one with your inner child, and smiling because you can!

We know you just released your EP in May, but are there any upcoming projects that are in the works? Perhaps new music videos? Upcoming live performances?

M: There’s a lot more to come as this is just the beginning. What I can say for now is, stay tuned because we’ve got big plans and a lot in the works.

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