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Miss Madeline: Pop Persona, Personal Evolution, and "Lullaby"

Ezzah Rafique

Q: "Hi! Thanks for taking the time out to do this interview! Tell us a bit about yourself: how did you get into music? Did you know you always wanted to be in the industry?"

Of course:) I grew up a professional kid. I was mostly a competition dancer, I trained every day for many years and we’d drive to different convention centers on the weekends for competitions. I would also go on occasional acting /voiceover auditions…but I started writing songs when I was about 13. There was a recording studio in my town where I was able to start learning about the writing and recording process pretty early on which I am very grateful for. I have been performing my whole life. I’ve always wanted to be on stage…I feel like I was born for this.

Q: "Congrats on the release of "Lullaby"! What is the backstory to the song?"

Thank you! Lullaby is about getting caught up in the popstar lifestyle. I’m coming to terms with being perceived as heartless and ruthless and realizing it goes hand in hand with being the ‘life of the party’ and a ‘money machine’.”

Q: "For "Lullaby," what was the process like for you when it came to writing and creating the song?"

We wrote it in one sitting! I think I would call this my most vulnerable track thus terms of admitting to being flawed….but also in the sonics and production of the track...the verses are very soft and intimate compared to my other tracks. I'm definitely exploring more of this vibe in my recent writing….i'm excited to continue to grow as an artist and see the evolution of miss madeline:)

Q: "How would you describe your music to someone who is listening to it for the first time or has never heard it before?"

Playful and Provocative pop…. A good ass time! Most of what has been released thus far are party/dance tracks…but again...I’m continuing to explore new sounds and expressions in my music.

Q: "You have a very pop persona. What does being pop mean to you and how has it affected your life?"

Miss Madeline is a persona... honestly, I feel I can be more free and wild when she is slightly separate from myself. I like to think she is a slightly exaggerated version of myself. In terms of how it’s affected my life…Channeling the Miss M energy helps me feel my most confident. But it also means that people assume that that’s the whole me…recently people have been coming up to me like “Omg ur so much nicer or chiller than I thought” or stuff like that ...and I’m like damn who even is Miss Madeline? Lol. This idea of being perceived as my persona definitely is on theme with the story of Lullaby haha.

Q: "Asides from music, what hobbies or interests do you have that keep your free time occupied? "

Pilates, boxing, hanging with friends, taking sexy pics.

Q: "Lastly, do you have any plans for releasing music later in the year? Is there anything you could tell us about possible collaborations or releases?"

So much more music! I’m sitting on a bunch of new stuff right now, I’m super excited to release more.

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