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NAYAH DAMASEN: Starring in “Monster High: The Movie”, Balancing Life as a Triple Threat, & More!

Recorded & Interviewed: 10/25
Interviewed By: Ezzah Rafique
Article By: Camila Camacho

Nayah Damasen- Actor, Singer, and Dancer- uncovers how to balance the buzzing entertainment industry life and teen life alike.


Being an interdisciplinary and multifaceted artist, Nayah Damasen is dedicated to singing, acting, and dancing. She sat down with Hazze Media to reveal how she remains successful in all of these areas of performance in a high-pressure industry, while handling all the struggles of the average seventeen-year-old.

Juggling performance art and youth life isn’t something Nayah is new to. She has been in the arts since she was only three years old, and performing in general since she was five. In addition to having variety within the types of entertainment she does, she also is constantly working to remain well rounded and breaking boundaries even in the roles she plays, such as by playing Kimmie Park in Grey’s Anatomy and Draculara in Monster High The Movie. Being a singer first, acting was simply for fun in the beginning, but then she jumped into the world of musical theater and that changed everything. This is what got her into the mindset of expanding her horizons through different characters. Her managers further pushed this passion when she was ten by guiding her in the direction of acting classes, programs, and auditions. “Let me tell you, it’s not something that came easily at first”, Nayah explains as she tells us about her road to success in the entertainment industry. “I eventually just kept going and going, kept going to auditions and kept going to classes, and now I’m here!”.

This triple threat and rising star hasn’t just had to work through challenges in learning new fields in performance as previously mentioned, but also simply balancing life as a teenager and grounding skills. “Sometimes I need to remind myself what keeps me balanced, because this industry is very very hard, especially since I’m only seventeen, and you know, going through teen problems”. Nayah really finds significance beyond her career growth, and ensures she never gets lost in this buzzing industry and continues to nourish aspects of her life that are required for interpersonal growth and personal growth alike. It can be really easy to get lost in one’s career and in one's ambitions, yet Nayah actively takes steps even throughout her busiest projects to prevent burn-out, which many young and working people are fighting today due to growing societal pressures. “I think what really keeps me balanced is my loved ones, my friends, and family. Before and after every project, I always go visit my family in the Bay Area, because I feel like every time I visit them, I always come back a different person, and more grounded, and just reminding myself where I came from, and why I really love singing to begin with. So, I think they definitely can take that reward, because they are the ones that keep me balanced.”

In addition to managing her personal life and acting life, Nayah Damasen is also flourishing as a singer as a member of Good NEWZ Girls. Even through Covid-19 related challenges, such as being unable to properly meet in person shortly after forming as a group throughout times of crises in the pandemic. Despite these roadblocks, the group formed a connection instantaneously, even virtually, as Nayah says as soon as she met the rest of the members on zoom she knew these were “her girls”. Their first time meeting in person was actually to perform at the Kids’ Choice Awards! From holiday tunes perfect for every winter season, to music featured in film such as “Spark” and “We are Monster High”, Nayah Damasen’s intricate and multi-layered passions shine through in her music.


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