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Nessa Barrett: Young Forever

Written by: Holly Arend | October 15th, 2022

From Tik Toker to now musical sensation, Nessa Barett's debut album "Young Forever" is a pivotal album that scratches the itch for groundbreaking pop addressing mental health issues and feeling accepted in today's society.

Barrett took to Instagram to express her love for her debut album while also noting her best friend was by her side the entire time and the album is dedicated to the late Cooper Noriega.

Young Forever features 13 songs including singles like "Die First" and "Tired of California". Barretts singles have made it into Spotify playlists including New Music Friday, New Noise, and Pop Rising. Though stand-out songs included on the album are: "Gaslight", "Lovebomb", "Decay", and "Talk to Myself".

Nessa's debut album is a story from start to finish and one that will make you realize just how much society and mental health have an impact on someone so young. Listen to Young Forever here and may you be young forever.


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