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Precious Pepala: “My Eyes Only,” TikTok, & Passion for Music

Interview by: Aniya

Precious Pepala who is from Sheffield, the United Kingdom not too long ago released her first ever single( My Eyes Only). This is really personal to her, so dropping it was hesitant but releasing it now has 371,585 streams on Spotify other people loving it never thought of hesitation on their end. Being in the choir at church, singing covers on TikTok and reaching millions of views across all videos, and now releasing her own song. Having help from her manager Jordan which in most cases is rare but being already her former music teacher at school, he had faith in her already. Precious also mentioned Harry Styles in this interview. See what she had to say about the talented singer/songwriter.


A: Hi, Precious How are you? It's such a pleasure finally interviewing you! Your new song (My Eyes Only” is out. I want to ask how and what it was like to record, Write, and engineer the song?

P: Hi, I’m really good thank you, and thanks so much for taking the time to talk to me! The whole process of creating “My Eyes Only” was such a new and exciting experience for me. This was my first time being 100% involved in the entire process from writing the song to producing it. I had so much fun in the studio creating a song that is so true to me and allows people to see a side of me that I don’t usually like to show!

A: This is your first song ever. How does it feel? Because you usually sing covers on TikTok and it blows up on there. What was the reason you wanted to write “My Eyes Only”?

P: It honestly feels a little surreal! I’ve wanted to release this song for a while now but I was kinda scared because of how personal the lyrics are to me. Doing covers is completely different... it’s not such a big deal if someone doesn’t like it because it’s not MY song. I’m so happy that it’s finally out in the world, it’s like a weight off my shoulders!

A: When you were younger you used to sing in church? And your dad is a pastor, what was it like singing in church, and how did you get to sing in church? Did you ask your dad if you could?

P: I’ve been singing in church for as long as I can remember, I find it very relaxing and freeing! I'll forever be grateful to my Dad, who always encouraged me to sing in the church choir because it really helped grow my love and passion for music from a really early age.

A: Your manager (Jordan) also had a part in the song's production? Tell us how that went, and is it normal for managers to pitch in?

P: It’s definitely a unique setup with Jordan being my manager and also my co-writer and producer. We work really well together and I think we have a great musical connection! We wrote and recorded “My Eyes Only” in Jordan's studio in our hometown (Sheffield) and it came to us so naturally and easily!

A: Speaking of Jordan, he was your school teacher? And covid got into the way of everything. How did you guys reconnect?

P: Jordan was my guitar teacher and he also managed a band I was in with my two best friends from school. We reconnected during lockdown after the band split up and he encouraged me to start my own TikTok which ultimately led me to where I am now!

A: Tiktok has become a huge outlet for Artists now when you posted your first cover did you expect it to get a few views? What were you thinking when it hit top views? Did you also feel since doing that cover that you can probably build a fan base there?

P: I really didn’t expect much when I started posting on TikTok. I remember posting a cover of ‘Stand Up’ by Cynthia Erivo one night and then waking up the next morning with a bunch of notifications on my phone and thousands of views. It was so unexpected but seeing such a positive response to a video of me singing really motivated me to do more!

A: Since “My Eyes Only’’ is your first song, are you planning to make an album or more singles soon?

P: I’m planning to release more singles for sure, definitely one more this year! Right now I'm just enjoying writing music which I’ll hopefully share with the world very very soon!

A: Besides singing in the church, where did your music for passion come from?

P: My passion for music came from watching musicals when I was younger. I particularly loved the Disney channel and was obsessed with High School Musical and Hannah Montana! I'd sit for hours listening to the soundtracks over and over and learning the lyrics!

A: What artist would you work with on a song, and why?

P: My dream collaboration would be with Harry Styles. I’ve loved him as an artist and a person since I was very young! I’ve always admired his songwriting so working with him would be such an incredible experience!

A: Have you ever thought about going on tour? Do you think that is coming soon or later?

P: As an artist, touring is one of the things I’m looking forward to doing the most! It'll come a little later down the line but when it does I can't wait to play my music to people and interact with people from different cultures and backgrounds, it’s very exciting to think about!

A: Thank you so much for letting me interview you. It's such a pleasure!

You can now listen to precious single on all platforms down below.

Spotify: My Eyes Only • Precious Pepala
Tiktok: (@preciouspepala)
Instagram: Precious ❀ (@preciouspepala)
Soundcloud: Stream Precious Pepala music

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