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Reneé Rapp with Openers Alexander 23 & Towa Bird in Nashville

Review and Photos by: Amanda Brush | October 16, 2023 | Nashville, TN

Towa Bird brings the exact energy you want from an opening act. From the moment she stepped onto the stage, her stage pretense and chemist with the crowd set the whole night up for success. Swapping guitars between each song, she masterfully played through her singles, including a brand-new one, “Drain Me”, officially out this Friday.

Alexander 23 is the full package—singer, songwriter, and producer. Tonight, all his talents shined bright as he serenaded the packed crowd. His crooning, melancholic vocals paired incredibly with his guitar skills to back them up. Fans were delighted by his cover of One Direction’s “Steal My Girl”, but they sang along louder to his closing song, “IDK You Yet.”

When Reneé Rapp took the stage, the energy in the room kicked up a notch. Her infectious energy and out-of-this-world vocals are unlike anything else happening in pop right now. She powered through fan favorite after fan favorite, pausing to invite special guests The War and Treaty on stage to join her for a Nashville classic, Tennessee Whiskey.

Rapp also shared the stage with both Towa Bird and Alexander 23 at separate points during her set, showcasing the full talent of each performer. Closing the night with one of the most vocally impressive songs of the evening, “Snow Angel”, Rapp sent fans on their way with a sweet goodbye that made each person in the room feel seen. With a potential Best New Artist nomination on its way this Grammys season, Rapp is certainly one to watch.

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