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Rex Orange County: Who Cares? Tour 2022

Covered by Hazze Team Journalist & Photographer / May 25, 2022
Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver, CO

Red Rocks Amphitheater outside of Denver, Colorado, is one of the most coveted venues to perform at as a musician. It is a tremendous honor and privilege to do so, and on Wednesday night, Rex Orange County took the stage performing in front of a sold out crowd. With all 192 steps filled with screaming fans, the open-air venue held a serene environment for an unforgettable night.

Rex Orange County, who also goes by Alex, began his night singing 4 songs from his latest album: Who Cares?. Nine songs in, he sang a cover of ‘Lovin’ You’ by Minnie Ripteron, and with a band of 5 supporting his show, Alex did not hold back on showcasing his musical talents. Throughout his set, he switched off between playing the piano, keyboard, and guitar. He also selflessly made sure every member of the band had their moment to shine, whether it was a solo performance during his song, or simply acknowledging their presence. You can tell the humility ROC holds, and truly the type of genuine and supportive artist he is.

When you thought the crowd could not get any louder, it sure did. Standing in awe, Alex had to take a few moments between songs to take in the fact that he truly made it as a singer, musician, and artist. With the crowd singing every word to every song back to ROC, the small town English singer made sure he remembered the opportunity and experience as a whole.

ROC then shared how he got started as an artist, and accompanied that story by singing Corduroy Dreams, which was the song that blew up on SoundCloud, giving him his first shot at stardom. It then led to him singing a Tyler, the Creator collaboration song: OPEN A WINDOW, and later on hoping back on the keyboard to sing Best Friend. That then led to him singing the viral TikTok song Loving is Easy, as beach balls were being tossed around the entire amphitheater.

Finally, as the night sadly came to a close, he ended his set with Pluto Projector with everyone holding up their flashlights wanting the “encore [to] last forever”. As he exited off stage, he thanked the crowd once again, and shared that this was his favorite stop on the tour thus far. He again humbly showed his appreciation to his fans and band members, making it known that he will cherish this milestone of performing at the Red Rocks Amphitheater forever and ever.

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