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The Depot
Photo & Review: Maegan Grendell

Role Model (Tucker Pillsbury) at just 25 recently began his world tour for his debut album, Rx. The tour spans from April to September, and is not one you want to miss. After waiting in line for up to 10 hours, fans were giddy to be in the same room as Role Model as he performed his new album live. And he did not let them down. Tucker starts and ends his shows with nothing but energy, which is reciprocated by the audience. It was apparent that he appreciated his fans, loved performing live music, and was excited to be on tour. Tucker performed fan favorites "neverletyougo", "Blind", and ended his sold out Salt Lake City show with "forever&more". To prepare the crowd for the show to follow, Role Model brought artist THE BLSSM on tour with him. THE BLSSM's, a non-binary artist based in Los Angeles, music could be described as a unique take on indie and alternative pop. Between these two growing artists, this is a concert you will not regret going to, granted you can find tickets.