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Rolling Loud 2023: A 3-Day Unforgettable Hip-Hop/Rap Experience in Los Angeles, California

Photos and Review by: Will Smith and Seth Brown | March 22, 2023

The 3-day festival event was packed full of people, hyped energy and some wild surprises. Everyone there was enjoying everything the festival had to offer from the wild carnival rides/festival amenities to the crazy lineup of hip hop/rap superstar performances. The event also featured a VIP section for vip festival goers to enjoy, this included closer stage access, GLAM Beauty/Barber services, Tattoo parlors, exclusive bar/food vendors, lounge areas etc.

The main event however came from the crazy big named performances on the festival grounds. Divided by three different stages, all the rap musicians gave an outstanding performance for the audiences to remember. A few of the big names that performed earlier in the days included stars such as Amine, Bia, Moneybagg Yo, City Girls, Destroy Lonely, Saweetie, Ken Carson, Ice Spice etc. Every performance was full of high energy that rippled through the crowd as everybody in the crowd rapped to their songs but the real surprises showed up during the sets of legendary rappers Travis Scott, Future, Lil Uzi Vert, and Lil Wayne.

For the first-night Playboi Carti had the whole stadium screaming with excitement. Everyone’s phone lights illuminated the crowd like fireflies as people attempted to record the moment. Thick smoke started rolling off the stage and lights began to strobe as you could hear Carti yelling and screaming into the mic. From that moment, the crowd went chaotic and the energy skyrocketed with people moshing in waves.

The second night was headlined by Cactus Jack aka Travis Scott. After waiting in immense anticipation for the titular rapper, the wait was finally over and the mosh pits formed fast like a tornado. Travis's performance had the crowd hyped and moving all around the stage that night. Everybody in the audience matched the chaotic and high energy that the rapper sent out that night.

On the third and final night, Lil Uzi Vert came out rocking they signature long spiked hair, different colored eye contacts, and an all-red outfit designed by MUSIKA. They set had everybody dancing and moshing around the stage at high frequency. Once Uzi performed "Just Wanna Rock", the popular TikTok trending song sent an even bigger rush through the crowd and everyone started going crazy. Uzi then started showing off dance moves to the crowd and they loved every second of it.

The final headlining performance of the entire festival came from none other than the legendary rapper Future. After a series of surprise guests showed up for a few other performers’ sets (Justin Bieber, Kali Uchis, YG, etc), the crowd was patiently waiting to see what special guests he’d bring out for his performance and he did not disappoint. Halfway through his set, the crowd started going wild once Future playing New Level by A$AP Ferg and then Ferg emerged from the back of the stage. Both rappers started performing the popular throwback song out and the whole crowd was amazed.

Overall, almost every performer on that lineup gave some unforgettable and iconic performances. With the powerful lineup of artists and festival amenities combined, the California 2023 Rolling Loud Festival successfully delivered a time to remember for its festival goers.

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