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Sam Odell at Gov Ball: What Making Music Means

How did you get into music and what has the journey been like through that?

“I got into music when I was seven. I started playing the piano And that led to playing songs when I was about 12 years old. I made my first album when I was about to turn 21 years old. I’m actually about to release my fifth album. It’s definitely been a long journey. But you know I love it just as much as I did when I was seven years old.”

What are some of your major inspirations that you take in for your own music? Musical or personal.

“You know I actually don’t know. I really like to write it based on my personal experiences. I love writing music off of all the things that I've observed in my life.

I’m interested in what it means to be human. What it feels like through all the good and the bad. I also like to write on what people do and feel when dealing with joy and suffering.”

“I feel like with any form of art whether it be music, literal or film communication is a beautiful thing to do to really connect with the audience or anyone. When you can feel like you can connect with someone through your art or feel a place of comfort even in sadness, that's when it feels more genuine to me. I love being able to do that to really connect with people.”

What are some of your aspirations when creating music? Do you have any long-term goals you have in mind or are you reaching any of them currently?

“I don’t tend to think of things so much like that. I try to live in the present the best I can. I tried to put a great presence into what I’m doing currently so that I can make it the best I can. Like the songs I am making, the performances I am giving and trying to not think about what might come from it rather than focus on making it the best I could. I know I want to continue to make music long term but I have no expectations except for continuing to do this.”

I love that you want to live in the moment and write this music for not only people to connect with but for yourself to express these emotions whether it be hurt or love.

“Yes we live in highly consumerist times, capitalism and surrounded by so much money. What we should really care for is art and how it makes us feel. I wish we could all listen to music for what it is as an art. I want to do that and not chase a mirage for success and fame. The whole thing for music, in my opinion, is having a shared moment and having it transcend time. Forget all the advertising. The real joy is people coming together, forgetting their troubles and sharing a moment with each other. It’s beautiful when we do that ”

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