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Shania Twain's Queen of Me Tour 2023

Photos & Review by: Jenny Salazar | July 24, 2023 | Smoothie King Center, New Orleans

Mickey Guyton opened the show with high energy, upbeat dance moves, and a sparkly nude dress. Halfway through her set, she brought country singer Brittney Spencer to sing Flowers by Miley Cyrus; the crowd loved singing along to this one. She pumped up the crowd with their beauty and excited them for Shania.

A spotlight landed on Shania among concertgoers located on the floor level. She sported a pink wig, oversized glasses, and a coat covering her stage ensemble. Waking Up Dreaming was the best song Shania could've started with as the crowd went wild over her surprise entrance. When she took the stage, she wore silver cowboy boots, a bedazzled leotard, and a flowy multi-color top to match her stage graphics.

There were tons of pink and purple in the stage graphics. A rocket ship with Shania's face peeking through the window blasted off seconds after she got on stage. Her background dancers were fun, energetic and loved to dance with her. Shania gave this show her all, which showed in the best way possible.


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