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Slowly Healing - How Huddy's Fans are Celebrating the singer

Holly Arend // February 24th 2023

With Huddy's new era and single "Slowly Healing" being released today, I asked fans what about Huddy and what he has done for them. In honor of slowly healing, this is the fan's thank you to Huddy. Special thanks to all the fans who made this possible!

Tell us a bit about how you got into Huddy?

I’ve known about Chase for a while but didn’t start to truly stan until he started releasing music / being more open about fashion & his style. I’m a huge lover of everything fashion & music, so him being involved in both truly made me love him. his music is insane. I love his voice & his lyrics etc. his style is super influential in my personal style as well. - @N0Vanity on twitter

I had discovered Huddy around the year 2020 on tiktok. I had followed his journey in the hype house. - @girlfriendera on twitter

I first got into Huddy after seeing him in Downfalls High. He instantly caught my eye and I thought his acting was phenomenal. I then watched his 21st Century Vampire music video when it came out and fell in love. His voice, his talent…I was hooked and wanted to follow his journey and learn more about him - @artbyleigh on tik tok

What’s your favorite thing about the fandom?

What I like most about the fandom is how united they are and the projects they do for encourage Chase. - @LIvshossler on twitter

My favorite thing is how we're like detectives when he teases a new song or album and we're all putting the pieces together like a puzzle to figure out when its gonna be released and it's fun because alot of us make jokes along the way at the same time. - @feverdreamhuddy on twitter

My favorite thing about the fandom is the diversity. When I met Huddy in September at an Oliver Tree show, there were people from all ages and walks of life. - @tayturn11 on twitter

What do you think the new era of Huddy is bringing to fans?

Definitely I think the new era of Huddy is going to bring a lot of new fans, I'm pretty excited about that! I love texting with other Huddy's fans. - @sadoldladysong on twitter

Chase is definitely on a new path. He’s had a challenging year but I think he will be shedding his tiktok image for good and be known as an artist. He’s expanding his music into a soft sound this era and I know he’s gonna kill it too. - @Kkook_Nochu on twitter

For sure, his new era will teach the fans how to move on with your life after some sad events, and he will teach how to apply the “you can do it in whatever way you want” concept. - @itshvddy on twitter

What has kept you in the fandom?

I love the whole vibe of the fandom; supporting chase, being excited for new releases, trying to figure out clues, it’s always so fun! I’ll be supporting Huddy forever that’s for sure! - @lyla19xx on twitter

What has kept me in the fandom is knowing that Chase is there for me in a spiritual way, the advice he gives us keeps me going, the way he shares news with us. He makes us feel special to him and important, he's always been kind and never let's us down. He always brings a good surprise to us. I've also connected with many of his fans and make good friends out of them. - @Huddysgirl2022 on instagram

What keeps me here is the way I feel within the fandom, each one has really earned a little piece of me, they are like my second home and I really love our "brotherhood" - @smileforchase on twitter

What is your favorite thing about Huddy?

My favourite thing about huddy is that everything he does is for passion and that he's always so kind to his fans, mainly him being himself and him being happy is my favourite bit and also seeing him grow his music career and become the start that he is - @huddyer on tik tok

My fav thing about huddy is his passion for music and his love for his fans - @tvdhossler on twitter

I really like that he has shown that he is growing both personally and professionally, I like that he shows the desire to improve himself and above all I love that no matter how famous he is, he does not lose his essence, he is always that kind boy and tender. -@smileforchase on twitter

What does Huddy mean to you?

To me, Huddy means connection. I’ve had the amazing opportunities to connect with him, his music, his fans, and even his family at times. He does a really good job of making his fans feel like they’re never alone.- @tayturn11 on twitter

To me huddy means being a 'hug for each other' because when 1 or more of us are struggling I always see others in the fandom checking on them and trying to make them feel better about whatevers bothering them.- @feverdreamhuddy on twitter

Huddy means to me literally everything. His music and social media content save me in every existing way - @sadoldladysong on twitter

He is me. I feel like we’re almost the same person as I see myself in him. It’s crazy to feel like u have such a strong connection to someone even if u don’t meet in person.- @Kkook_Nochu on twitter

Chase means so much to me, I’m happy to support him as a person and as an artist. i hope he’s going to achieve all of his goals. - @itshvddy on twitter

Huddy means so much to me! He’s an amazing inspiration and role model for me and for millions! He’s such a sweetheart and the love he has for his fans is so special. I’m so grateful for him and the impact he’s had on my life. <3 - @lyla19xx on twitter

God I don't know how to explain it... i think huddy came to me through networks and since that day he has somehow saved me from many situations, maybe it reads like something crazy or cliché but i'm really very happy to starting to be part of the huddygang because his music for me is like a refuge, he is really special and admirable. -@smileforchase on twitter

Huddy has always been an escape to me. Seeing someone chasing their dreams has inspired me to do more with my own life as well. His music has also helped me through some very hard times, and I know whenever I’m not feeling the best his music will always put me in a better mood. - @girlfriendera on twitter

Huddy means so much to me. he’s been there when times got dark and helped me find light again - @tvdhossler on twitter

HUDDY means more to me then anything he has helped me through hard times like depression and other stuff he is my angel HUDDY is like my personal therapy I listen to his music to help me - @huddyfanaccount on instagram

Huddy means to me someone very special in my life someone who helped me love life and learn to love myself and work on it. He means the world to me and without him I would be going through depression and id be not here without him. He showed me that you can be committed to something for a really long time. Huddy means to me someone who helped me and didn't even know. I hope i get to meet him oneday and tell him myself. - @Huddysgirl2022 on Instagram

Chase means a lot to me, he is a very important person to me and he is the person who saved me in every possible way -@LIvshossler on twitter

Huddy means so much to me. He has brought me so much happiness and joy in the 2 years I have supported him. Him and his music inspires me and puts a smile on my face everyday. There’s not a day that goes by that he hasn’t brought me some sort of happiness. I’m so beyond grateful for him. -@artbyleigh on twitter

Thank you to all the Huddy fans who participated in this! Stream "Slowly Healing" by Huddy now on all streaming services.

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Georgina Griffiths
Georgina Griffiths
May 12, 2023

Thanks so much for putting my post on this article it means alot and i LOVE huddy

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