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Stephen Sanchez: Live and In Person! 2023

Review & Photos by: Hannah Vaccaro / November 01, 2023 / Ace of Spades in Sacramento, CA

Stephen Sanchez, Sacramento, CA native, began his ”Live and in Person!” tour in October, and will be wrapping up the tour in Richmond, Virginia before heading off to Europe next year. Stephen brought on singer/songwriter Stephen Day to open for him on the tour, and the two produced the perfect atmosphere for a night of music.

Stephen Day created a warm and energetic space for the audience as they anticipated Stephen Sanchez’s arrival on stage. With an acoustic retro style, Day swooned the audience with his interactive personality and killer guitar skills. He had the audience singing along to songs such as, “Hey Lady” and “4 3 2 1.”

Given that this was Stephen Sanchez’s hometown show, the energy was positively different. As soon as Sanchez stepped on stage and began his first song, he became emotional and choked up. He even tells the audience how surreal this moment is to be standing on the stage he dreamed of performing on since high school.

Sanchez told the story of the Troubadour, a fictional artist in the late 1950’s who fell in love with Evangeline after growing in his stardom. Sanchez poured his heart and soul into each song, providing melodic vocals and drawing the audience in with his charm.

With each lighting cue and transition, Sanchez gave a brief synopsis before certain songs to guide the audience on the journey in a narrative fashion. This was not just a concert; it was entering the creative mind of Stephen Sanchez and his character of the Troubadour. His range of vocals and harmonies were seamless and engaging.

What made the night special was Sanchez taking a moment to shout out his friends, his family, and even his high school teachers that were all there to support his dreams. Stephen mentioned how he felt vulnerable in a way as he recognized that these people knew him in a more personable sense rather than just an up and coming artist.

Be sure to catch the rest of the tour before he sets out to Europe!

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