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Stephen Sanchez: Tour 2023

Photographer: Stephanie Siau
February 11, 2023 | Brooklyn Bowl in Nashville, TN

Stephen Sanchez, a singer-songwriter originally from Northern California, took over the Brooklyn Bowl, adding another show to his “sold out” list. As a current resident of Nashville, you could tell this meant the entire world to him. Stephen shared how he remembered he would attend shows here and to sell it out was mind-blowing to him.

He began his set with “Hey Girl”, having everyone in the room in awe and singing along with him. His electric energy on stage excited the crowd and created an atmosphere like none other. As he played his 15-song set, he included songs that had not been released yet, engaged with the crowd, and showcased his quirky personality. At one point, Stephen used different voice impersonations to communicate with his fans/tell a story, and even then, an audience member said “That kid belongs on that stage. His talent is extraordinary”.

As the night came to a close, he did a few acoustic songs creating an intimate moment between him and the fans. He opened up about how he had received vocal surgery this past fall, halting his opportunity to go on tour with Noah Kahn. Stephen expressed how he was scared and didn’t know if this tour would even sell. To his surprise not only is this tour close to selling out, but his fall tour is also rapidly doing the same.

The night ended with everyone screaming to “Until I Found You”, a now popular TikTok song!

Nashville Setlist:
Hey girl
Hold her while you can
Lady by the sea
Please don’t go home yet
Mountain peaks
See the light
I want you
The pool
Only girl
Wait for you
Until I found you
Amy and Mary


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