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Thomas Headon Tour 2022

Covered by Creative Team Photographer Samantha Monendo / March 30, 2022
Beat Kitchen in Chicago, IL

Thomas Headon, an Australian native, played his first nearly sold-out show in Chicago on a rainy spring night at the Beat Kitchen. As a new and upcoming indie popstar, he finally made his way to America after more than a year of rescheduling due to COVID-19 and having his fans wait in anticipation for his performance. Fans have been queuing outside the venue since mid-day in the rain in order to be the closest to the performance. Prior to his set starting, he discussed his musical beginnings reminiscing how he would play his guitar for fans waiting in line outside of music venues.

Thomas started his set with his first song 'Loving You'. The crowd went wild as soon as they captured a first glance of the singer. His energy captured the room, and he made the stage seem like his second home. Thomas jumped between playing newer and older songs throughout the set; he even played a few tunes from his new third EP 'Victoria' released in March 2022. Thomas cited musical influences in the middle of his set being Tyler the Creator and the 1975, which is evident in his guitar riffs. He closed the night with ‘UrbanAngel1999’, before saying goodbyes and leaving the stage to have fans yell for an encore.

Thomas was able to captivate fans from across the world with his hit tunes. He even had the boyfriends and parents who were forced to come dancing along and even heard singing some. He effortlessly worked the crowd and made everyone feel comfortable, which is a skill that will become useful for his future career. The talent and charismatic smile Thomas has is undeniable. This headline tour was his first in Chicago, but defiantly not his last.


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