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Trinidad Cardona's 'Dinero' is One of the Biggest Tiktok Songs of the Year

Ezzah Rafique

From living the regular life delievering food in his 1993 Nissan Sentra to having his song storm the charts going viral on one of the biggest social media platforms, Trinidad Cardona has had one of the biggest summers of his life.

His song 'Dinero,' initially released in 2017, skyrocketed onto charts this year after going viral on TikTok. But let's rewind back three years. Cardona initially dove into the music industry by seeing the people around him create music. “I really just saw the people around me make music and figured why not do it too then. I started when I was 16 or so and I fell in love with it,” he explains.

When creating 'Dinero,' “the process [itself] was really easy," he reminiscents. "I was just writing what I felt when I was 17 or 18. Recording it took a bit longer because I wasn’t a full blown singer yet, just dabbling.”

With a platform like TikTok, where trends evolve daily, artists like Cardona have become easily discoverable. "Social media is very important in music today," Cardona shares. "With everything in our daily lives being tied to the media, it’s the logical place to go and look for new music.”

When discovering that 'Dinero' had not only soared on charts, but was being used in almost every TikTok, Cardona was undeniably surprised. "The reaction was kind of me [being] in disbelief, [but] I went on about my day because I still have stuff to do. It was exciting though of course," he says.

“The biggest lesson I've learned is to never give up hope,” Cardona concludes. While intermixing Spanish and English, 'Dinero' is a song that is able to get fans of all ages on their feet- a true song for the summer.


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