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Up and Close with Snoww

Interview by: Jenny Salazar/ November 4, 2022

J: What made you want to become a makeup artist, and how long have you been doing it?

Snoww: I’ve always really been into art with painting and fashion, even when I was younger, and I got to [the] age where I was allowed to start wearing makeup; I quickly came to realize it was a mix of the two things I already loved and became obsessed with it.

J: Where do you find your makeup inspiration?

Snoww: I find inspiration from the most random things, but when I’m looking for inspiration, I turn to other artists, fashion designers & drag.

J: What is your favorite kind of makeup look to do?

Snoww: I love doing bright, bold looks. They give me more creative room, and I love the look of bright colors contrasting with skin tones.

J: What are your top 3 favorite makeup brands and why?

Snoww: My top 3 brands are The Crayon Case, Alamar Cosmetics, and Bella & Co. They’re WOC owned, very consistent with their products, and the love they have for their customers isn’t really something you get from big corporation companies, and I really like that.

J: What's your favorite dupe of a high-end makeup product?

Snoww: Elf cosmetics has come through with so many dupes of different high-end brands. The Halo glow liquid filter, being a dupe for the charlotte tilbury Hollywood flawless filter, and the power grip primer being a dupe for the Milk hydro grip primer, have to be my favorites, though.

J: What other opportunities have being a makeup artist led you to?

Snoww: Being a makeup artist has led to being able to work with other brands, work behind the scene of photography shoots, teach classes to young aspiring artists and help broaden the spectrum in the beauty industry.

J: If you could do anyone's makeup, who would it be, and for what event?

Snoww: Doja Cat for MET gala. I feel like with her vibe and aesthetic, I would be able to create some complete magic with my style of artistry.

J: Are there any new projects you have in the making?

Snoww: I have [a] project/collaboration in the works right now. It’s still in the early workings, so I can’t really share too much at the moment, but [I] know it’s going to be green & glamourous.


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