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The HAZZE Podcast

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Brought to you by HAZZE MEDIA, Ezzah Rafique dives into the stories of people who changed their life and the world around them

Generation of Mine

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We are the first generation. Hear the struggles, point-of-views, stories, and more as Ezzah Rafique and Iman Tanzeem talk about living as a first-generation American and interview CEO's, leaders, artists, and more about how their unique experiences shaped their lives.

Life is Risky




People at the top of the mountain always have the best view. In "Life is Risky" Adnan Rafique and Ezzah Rafique sit down to talk about personal growth, mindset, and motivation while talking to entrepreneurs about their success.

Case By Case Podcast


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Case by Case dives into true crime cases from disappearances to murder mysteries to serial killer legacies to everything in between, produced by HAZZE MEDIA

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