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Alex Quin: Ethical Business Building as a Young Person Managing Multiple Industries

Interview by: Ezzah Rafique Article by: Camila Camacho

Marketing has moved from simple patterns and advertising tactics to a true art form with new technology that goes beyond design, but robust technology. Rising marketers face the challenge of constantly catching up with current advances and design structures. HAZZE Podcast sat down with entrepreneur and CMO of UADV and took a closer look at how Alex Quin stays prospering in the marketing industry, but also how he manages to do this while leading a variety of other businesses. Alex isn’t just “pushing brands to the next level”; He’s doing the same for his own start-ups. From his podcasts including, Hustle Inspires Hustle to his magazine Contrast Magazine, Alex continues to challenge the boundaries of the business world by turning media into art in multifaceted ways.

Juggling self-expression and self-discovery through your youth is hard enough, let alone doing this while running multiple businesses. Alex shared several key processes he uses to aid in this journey. Alex recommends using online platforms to one’s advantage through video tutorials and thorough training to ensure all systems are running smoothly with his business practices, and emphasis on the importance of organization and ethical structures. He makes sure to use each lesson from his previous business experiences to improve his growing practices. For example, Alex says, “my podcast, I treat it like a client. I make sure everything is on time, make sure everything is streamlined, make sure everything is the way it needs to be.” He ensures everything remains connected. “As a marketer, I’m able to make money making money for other people, and that money that I make I’m able to invest into other brands...”. To ensure Alex’s heart remains true to his work, he nurtures his passions through constant research and updating his ambitions accordingly. He says, “I would learn about things I’m passionate about, and if I’m not passionate about anything, I’d learn about new things. You'll go down a rabbit hole, and you’ll find things, and try to discover yourself.”

Tying Alex’s routines back to what HAZZE specializes in, Alex expresses the importance of recognizing humanity and compassion throughout interviews. “Honestly, they are just people. When you think about these people and you hear about these people, it's amazing, and in some ways you can get star-struck, right, or be very excited, but they’re people. And they are on a journey, just like you and I are, and they’re trying to learn about themselves, and they’re trying to learn about their business.”


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