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Blair Walnuts: TikTok, Transparency, & How a Hair Disaster Resulted in a New Business

Interview by: Ezzah Rafique

Blair Walnuts talks to HAZZE MEDIA about how she utilizes TikTok and Youtube for fashion and comedic content, being transparent with fans, and how losing her hair made her launch her own business, Loveorie.

Full interview on Youtube & Spotify

Blair Walnuts rose to social media with her fashion, lifestyle, and comedic content. Using Youtube before TikTok, Blair was known for videos like 'got a job at CHUCK E CHEESE to see if SHANE DAWSON was right.'

Some of her content includes "trying Kylie Jenner's sticky old used clothes from her closet... and see[ing] if [she] could get a deal" to "buying things off the Instagram shopping tab" that would be considered unconventional. By breaking the norms of most influencer content, Blair keeps her audience engaged while simultaneously addressing topics like mental health, body positivity, politics, and more. Moreover, Blair is outwardly one of the most transparent creators on social media as she always tells her audiences what she is editing and how so that they do not compare themselves.

"Don't compare yourself to people that have professional trainers or chefs... remember to treat your body well" - Blair Walnuts

While balancing social media, Blair is focusing on collaborations and businesses. One of her collaborations is with En Route to bring affordable - and uniquely named - jewelry that is also sustainable! Her die hard audience, the “Walnutters”, are always involved in her work. With the help of fans who helped picked the names, Blair Walnuts X En Route released a collection called "Trophy Wife" that includes pieces like "Sneaky Link" & "Trust Fund Baby."

Focusing in on jewelry and hair products, Blair also launched her own hair care line, Loveorie. "Literally all my hair fell out, it looked like my hair went through a paper shredder machine [because] I bleached it too much," She recalled.

Taking a disaster, she turned it into a company that launched a hair growing oil. The Hair Growth Oil fortifies damaged hair by strengthening, moisturizing, and promoting faster hair growth.

"It's something that helps people, it gets [their] hair back... it's made me a more empathetic and kinder person by helping other people"

Listen to the full podcast episode to hear Blair's full story


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