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Introducing Kenzie Elizabeth's Highly Anticipated New EP: "Reminded"

[New York] – [02 October 2023] – Kenzie Elizabeth, the dynamic up-and-coming pop artist hailing from the heart of New York City, is set to captivate music enthusiasts with her latest EP, "Reminded" This exciting release showcases Kenzie's unique ability to blend storytelling with pop melodies and heartfelt lyrics, offering a captivating perspective on finding a new mindset to life.

"Reminded" is a five-track EP that encapsulates the feeling of processing what life puts you through. Each song has a purpose, and the album as a whole is strung together in one seamless story. Kenzie's enchanting vocals and expert songwriting skillfully navigate the complexities of processing life in what may be a difficult season.


1. "My Mind"

2. "Mental Block"

3. "Author of Our Story"

4. "Breakthrough”

5. "The Rain"

“Reminded” has a one-of-a-kind sound, and what Kenzie Elizabeth describes as “car bops.” With a taste of Sara Bareilles, listeners will discover a fresh taste of new music that is nothing like you have heard before.

"Reminded" is out NOW on all streaming platforms! Don't miss the chance to feel heard through the songs of "Reminded" and witness the rise of this remarkable artist.

Follow Kenzie Elizabeth on social media:

Instagram: @kenzieeofficial

TikTok: @kenzieeofficial


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