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Samuel Petra: A Fresh New Indie Sound

Interview by: Jewel Fiorillo

Photos provided by Samuel Petra‘s team.

Samuel Petra is a 20 year old from Alicante, Spain. He is entirely self sufficient in his producing, writing and recording with his instruments. A fresh new indie voice reaching over 13,000 monthly visitors on Spotify. Below is an exclusive interview learning about his journey into music and just a taste of what inspires his sound. You won't want to miss this fresh new voice. His sophomore EP was released a few weeks ago. 'MONOTONE' is out on major listening platforms now!

How did you find your passion in music?

Sam: "Actually it was pretty spontaneous, I found a youtube video in 2013 of someone producing, tried it and a couple months passed I was hooked."

What inspired your song and video “Can’t You See” ?

S: "It was one of those songs I made without really thinking. The song is about getting out of your confines in order to achieve your goals, getting away from romantic distractions."

What is the largest struggle you have with when creating your music?

S: I’d say my limited tools. I work in a bedroom studio so I try to optimize everything as much I can. "

What inspired your style in music?

S: "Actually I find inspiration from a lot of different types. Electronic music from the 10s, R&B, Grunge, glitchy ambient and Raw samples…"

What is your musical background, if you have any?

S: "I started producing electronic music when I was 13. In my first 5 years I learned the basics of theory and producing but I realized I didn't want to be only a producer so I also started singing and playing piano and guitar at the same time -that's when I was introduced to pop, r&b and alternative music."

If you didn’t become a musician what would you be doing right now?

S: "have no idea. I do know that I was always interested in pathology. "

Whats the best piece of advice you would give your younger self?

S: "I think my younger self was fine but overall I'd say probably waste less time and try to experiment more."

Whats a musician you would love to collaborate with?

S: "I'd like to collaborate with either Dijon or Jean Dawson"

Do you have any pre-show rituals? 

S: "Actually, I haven't started doing shows just yet!"

If you could choose anywhere in the world to perform where would it be? And why?

S: "Probably somewhere in Asia! I have always wanted to have a really good excuse to travel there."

What has your musical journey looked like? Do you have any goals for the rest of the year?

S: "It’s been pretty good so far. I got to meet a lot of important people and absolutely, I’m planning a writing trip to New York. It'll be my first time in the USA. I'm very excited."

Who are your top three inspirations that you pull from?

S: "It honestly always varies but right now I have to say Jai Paul, Dijon and Brent Faiyaz."

Is there a message with your music that you’d want to provide?

S: "I definitely want to make people feel more connected with themselves after hearing my music because that’s how my favorite music made me feel when growing up."

What is music to you?

S: "Well, for now I know now that It's pretty much the main pillar of my existence, I think I’d be so lost without it."

Photos were provided of Samuel Petra for interview press and are not from Hazze media.

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