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STARCRAWLER: New Album "She Said" & Touring

Photos & Interview by: Creighton Stevenson
September 20, 2022 | Brooklyn, New York

Los Angeles based rock'n' roll band STARCRAWLER chats with HAZZE MEDIA before the Brooklyn show to talk about the new album She Said and touring so far. Go listen to their new album below!

How does your new album compare to your previous projects?:

It feels like the most mature version of our music. It’s our first album on a major label, so it’s most exciting.

Favorite songs off the new album?:

Collectively our favorite songs are She Said, Broken Angels, and Thursday.

What was the most memorable show you’ve played?:

Melbourne really blew our minds. It was packed and everyone was singing. You could hear everyone literally singing over us.

Advice to up-and-coming artists/bands?:

You have to love and want what you’re doing truly. Stop striving to be someone else and find who you want to be. Treat your dream as a full-time job and prioritize it over everything.


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