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The Homies: An Inside Exclusive Look At a Rising Rap Group from Louisville

photo cover by team photographer: Annie Shutz interview: Jewel Fiorillo

How was your first time performing at Forecastle festival?

“ This is my first time performing at Forecastle festival and music festival in general. The crowd was amazing and it was a hometown crowd. We also had just miss the rain which was great.“ - Shloob

“I felt like we looked great, sounded great and overall had a great crowd. It was an experience I won’t forget forsure.” - 2ForWoyne

“ It was a great time. I had an amazing time with my brothers up on the stage. We’re ready to get some more going for sure!” - Quiiso

Do you have any big plans for the rest of the year or festival season?

“ It really is to be determined. We’re trying to get as many shows to get our music out as much as we can. We really wanna get some cool things going so hopefully it works out.“ - Shloob

“Honestly with time comes opportunity and it’s definitely in the works to have more live performances.” - Ace Pro

Do you have any new releases coming out soon ?

“We just dropped a new single called ‘Shake”. So we are really focused on promoting that at the moment. It was dropped right before the festival. When we work on a new project we put our all into it. The music video gives a lot of life too. So for people who are not aware of us they can see our energy and care for the music.” - Ace Pro

How did you guys all meet?

We all met back in 2012. Shloob and 2forWoyne are twin brothers. Ace and 2forWoyne used to play basketball growing up as kids and as for me I met them all in college when I moved from Chicago.” - Quiiso

What are some of your aspirations as an artist?

“As an artist it’s hard to be original, and everybody wants to take from their favorites and make it their own. My aspiration is taking as much from experiences and from any favorites to make it my own. But I want to be the one to inspire people eventually too. I love being original and I love making music.” - Shloob


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