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Alex Chapman Reveals the Inspiration Behind "Stay the Weekend" and Reflects on Industry Icons in Exclusive Hazze Media Interview at Gov Ball 2024

Interview and Photos By: Camila Molina

Q and A disclaimer: Responses are lightly edited for grammar and clarity

Q: Tell me what inspired your newest release, "Stay the Weekend." What was going on in your life when you made that song?

A: Well, I wanted to make a summer song really badly. I feel like I play a lot during the summer, so I wanted something that I could travel with. I also wanted to do something that marked a new era for me as an artist because I haven't really put out tons of music. That was my intention. I was doing sessions, and at the end of sessions, I would say, "Should we just try writing something for me? See what we come up with?" I have a bunch of close collaborators who are down to do that.

This was a session we set up with me, Zhone, and NOVODOR, who I did the Troye Sivan song with. I think it was around 11:00 a.m. or 10:00 a.m., which is so early for sessions, but we were all really comfortable with each other and friends, so it was easy. It just kind of sparked, and at the end, I thought, "I want this song for me." That’s what ended up happening with it. I feel like it's a really good representation of my bid for a summer anthem, what I think a summer dance anthem should sound like.

Q: Beautiful. If you had to tell me about one of your most memorable collaborations, which one would you share with me? What’s your favorite collaboration?

A: There are a lot of collaborations that haven’t turned into material yet or aren’t out, but I hope they will come out one day, and I can say those ones. This collaboration was really meaningful because I felt really safe and comfortable. It came out of us having fun. Anytime I work with Zhone and NOVODOR, like when we originally wrote the first version of "Rush," just the three of us, and then Troye and Leland, his close co-writer, came in and made it the song that it is. Anytime you can do something that’s really chill and fun and turns into magic, those are always special to me. Sometimes there’s just something in the room that makes a really good song happen. Those are my most special.

Q: Thank you. You sold out your GovBall After Dark performance. What was the highlight?

A: Oh, man. I really thought no one was going to come, so the highlight was selling it out. It was such a great night. I haven’t ever sold tickets to a show before by myself. Obviously, I had special guests, but I’ve never headlined a show, so I was really nervous and not sure who was going to be there. The people that came, I felt like these are my people. It was so reassuring. I felt free to be myself, and that’s what people were there to see. The highlight was being able to bask in the fact that people were there to see me do what I do, so I didn’t have to consider anything else. Super cool.

Q: On your Instagram, you combine the sound of two icons, Stevie Nicks and Chappell Roan. What other artists have influenced you musically, and why? Who else inspires you?

A: A lot. Growing up, I loved Jock Jams, this high-energy, cheerleader music before cheerleader music existed. Those compilations had Real McCoy, Black Box, and other classics. I always loved that music and try to bring some of that energy into my own music. I’m inspired by everything. I always look for and find stuff, old and new, that inspires me. Right now, I’m listening to a lot of Lana [Del Rey] . I just love Lana. There are those temple artists like Lana and [Lady] Gaga. It's so gay, but all the divas I love forever.

Q: Why music? When did you decide to be a musician?

A: I’ve been tiptoeing around doing this for a long time. I’m kind of a late bloomer. I’m 32. I work with a lot of young people, and I’m proud of it. It has benefited me to enter into my career with more life experience and an ability to not take things so seriously. I’m still dramatic, but I’ve always wanted to make music. I think I was scared to do it. I would learn how to play an instrument, work at music magazines, booking agents, and management companies. Even DJing wasn’t quite it. Ultimately, music has always made the most sense to me. It’s what I love and gives me a feeling that nothing else does. When I figured out writing, it opened up my world. Writing a great song is the best feeling ever, like a runner’s high. It took me a while to figure it out, but music has always been what I love and what makes the most sense to me.

Q: Last question. Thanks for sitting with me. Is there anything else you want to tell the fans? What’s next?

A: There are some exciting gigs coming up that I can’t talk about. The girlies will find out later, and they will be pleased. I’m making more music, DJing more, traveling, and connecting with people who like what I do. I’m super excited about where things are at right now with me and music. There are a lot of cool artists and movements happening. I’m excited to keep going and growing what I do.


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