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Anarbor: Release of New Single "Drugs", Background, and Songwriting Process

Olivia Tindall | March 7, 2022

Phoenix, Arizona based Alt-rock band, Anarbor, has just released their new single 'Drugs' on February 11th, which takes a new Indie-pop direction.

HAZZE MEDIA's journalism team member, Olivia Tindall, asked Anarbor (Danny and Slade) a few questions about their new single, the creative / artistic process behind it, and how they have evolved as a group from the beginning.

O: "Hello! Thank you so much for doing this interview. You have been creating music since 2003. What inspired you to come together to pursue music as Anarbor back in junior school? How did it all begin?"

Anarbor: "We used to watch Drive Thru Records DVDs as kids and went to Warped Tour a lot which made us want to start a band. It all started as a bunch of kids playing instruments in a garage."

O: "How would you compare your older hits like '18' and 'Gypsy Woman' to your most recent singles 'Tasty', 'Tangerine', and 'Find a Way'? How will these compare to your upcoming release of 'Drugs'?

Slade: "Our earlier music had more of an older rock feel to it while the Tangerine EP had more a pop outlook and we really delved into production, using different sounds and instruments to create more emotion. "Drugs" is the perfect combination of the two."

O: "You guys released your new single, 'Drugs' on February 11th-- What was the creative process behind writing 'Drugs'?"

Danny: "At the time, Slade was in the end stage of a relationship and I was in the very beginning of a new one. Relationships are where we experience every emotion in their fullest capacities, so I thought, 'What else does that? Oh yeah, drugs.'"

O: "What was the artistic vision behind the music video that accompanies the release of 'Drugs'?"

Slade: "We wanted to make it trippy but keep it simple. Cory Davis of Yellowbox Films used this awesome retro analog equipment to give it this distinct look and hallucination-like visual affects."

O: "What do you want fans to take away from the music video for 'Drugs'?"

Danny: "Life can be trippy sometimes. Relationships can be amazing and they can also make you feel like your heads going to explode, but that's okay and you'll get through."

O: "What is your favorite line from your new single 'Drugs' and why?"

Slade: "My favorite line is "I can feel all the sounds that you hear. I can taste all the words that you say when you're looking at me." It's a perfect way of describing the drug-like state the beginning of a relationship puts you in."

O: "How would you describe the evolution of Anarbor, considering how you have created music within the alt-rock genre, and are releasing an indie-pop centered single now?"

Slade: "We used to kind of blindly write music, but now we have much more focused and deeper creative process. It's a more polished Anarbor."

O: "What is the story behind your other newest singles, from 2020 'Tasty', 'Tangerine', and 'Find a Way'?"

Danny: "We had been writing tons of demos for years and we were gearing up to do a European tour when COVID hit. We wanted to stay active somehow, so we went through some demos, even wrote some new ones on a Twitch livestream with fans, and put together an EP for everyone stuck at home with nothing to do."

O: "To someone who hasn't heard your music before, what do you hope new listeners would take away from it? What message / vibe is Anarbor trying to portray?"

Slade: "We're a fun band. we don't take things too seriously and we just want everyone to have an awesome time. We always aim to make timeless catchy music by opening up about our mistakes, experiences, and relationships."

O: "What is one thing you learned along your journey as a duo?"

Slade: "Always have clean socks, stick together, know when to compromise, and communication is key."


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