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Exclusive Interview: Peach Tree Rascals

Is this your first time playing at Governors Ball in New York City? And what are you all most excited about?

Jasper: “Yes this is our first time in New York City performing at Governors Ball!”

Isaac: “We are all super excited to be playing at Gov Ball, and personally I’m super excited because I get to be able to see Shaquille play as DJ Diesel.”

Do you guys have any new releases coming out?

Tarrek: “Yes we have new releases coming out. Our newest single coming out is called “Let You Go” releasing on June 24th. We are actually performing it live today at Gov Ball for the second time ever. We are super excited to release new music out.”

Do you guys have anymore plans for festival season? And tell me more about your tour!

Joseph: “Yeah, we have a ton of festivals coming up this summer in Europe. I’m actually wearing the shirt for our tour merch right now. We have two in France, one in Finland, Sweden, Belgium, and really all over Europe basically.”

Jorge: “It’s going to be our first time touring in Europe and we’re all super excited. It’ll really be almost all of our first times in Europe and leaving the country. It’s definitely going to be an experience. We are all excited to meet everyone over there, play shows and have a great time.”

What is something that you guys have all learned while performing at festivals or concerts that you using your shows ?

Issac: “I think something that we have learned while performing live in front of people is that we should focus on the people that love our music and also focus on the people who don’t know who we are but are at our set. We want to show them a reason that we are worthy for their listens. We want to make sure the crowd has an amazing time whether they know who we are or that is the first time they see us and hear our music.”

“Another thing I wanna add that you have to let go and not care what you look like up on stage. Because when you let go and don’t care that’s when your truly rock.”

*Group begins to laugh and agree”

How did you guys all meet? There’s a lot of you so I’m curious if there was any connection when you guys were younger.

Tarrek: “We actually Met in high school. Ya know when we all had crushes on eachother.”

*group laughs*

“Then finally I decided that I would go and talk to one of these guys. The first one I actually met with Dom. And then came Joe.”

Issac: “I actually saw all of them hang out on social media. And I was just like I want to hang out with them. It looked fun and I was like I wanna be there!

But I was at home chilling because I didn’t have friends yet.


I slowly but surely Infiltrated into the group. Then I found Jorge on the Internet and he fit in perfectly. The rest is history.”

What inspired the name peach tree Rascals?

Jorge: “We came up with the name like two weeks before our first single came out. We were all camping together and just throwing ideas out. I came up with Peach Tree Village but the guys hated village. They decided to beat me up.

*group laughs*

I’m just kidding, so I came up with Rascals instead. We slowly grew into the name. We weren’t like super crazy about it but overtime we started to really feel like it was us.

What are some of your guys largest inspirations when creating music?

Dominic: “We really pull inspiration from any music that’s good music. We have so many but I would have to say Kendrick Lamar, Anderson .Paak, Stevie Wonder and so much more.”

Joseph: “We all have such different taste in music so I think it brings a lot to our music that we can incorporate different genres and styles to make it our own. It’s a huge melting pot and we bring to the table what we think would be a good flavor and taste. When people ask us what kind of music we make we always respond with genre fluid. Because we’re not one specific genre and we like that about our music.”

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