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HANGOUT FEST 2023: Sam Fischer

Photos by: Stephanie Siau
Interviews by: Abigail Virginia

So we’ve got Sam with us today! How are you?

Sam: I’m so good! I’m on such a high. I just came off stage!

I know in your bio it says you’re an "average Aussie." What makes you an average Australian?

Sam: I think it’s just more that I’m Australian. I’m just an “average human." I think an “average Australian” or the stereotype would be tan, blonde hair, and surfs. But I swear a lot, I love to drink, and I’m pretty chill for the most part. I’m more just me. I’m just average.

“I’m me,” take it or leave it right?

Sam: Yes, I’m not used to fans being like “You’re amazing”, and the heaping praise, and stuff. Off the stage, I’m the same idiot as everyone else.

Right, you like to get a drink too! What’s your favorite drink?

Sam: Right now it’s an Aperol Spritz, but otherwise just beer. I’m in my hazy IPA phase kinda era if you will.

So I know you just released “High on You” with Amy Shark. Was that a dream collaboration for you?

Sam: Amy is like an Australian institution, and I’ve been a fan of hers for a long time. It was one of those collabs where I was like, “Maybe we could get Amy Shark." It was a pipe dream. During the Pandemic, when “This City” was really big, and it was really big back home, she messaged me. She did it to send support, and just to be like, "Do you need anything, talk anything through, I’ve been through it all, so like I’m here for you." So yeah, she heard the song and wanted to hop on it. It was the easiest collab to put together I’ve ever been a part of.

Was this song fully written when you pitched it?

Sam: Yes. Amy’s such a good writer. I told her if there’s anything you wanna change, change it. I wrote it with another artist; Alex Sloan, who’s incredible. They have similar “pens” and so when Amy heard it, she said it sounds like I wrote it, so let’s just go with that. And she’s super humble about it. I think it’s because she’s such a good writer. She felt that it was exactly what she would say, and she was just like “I don’t care," I just wanna be on it.

Speaking of writing, I know that you’re a multi-genre writer. You’ve written for people like Jessie J, and Max, which I didn’t know about you. I want to ask you more about that. Do you have a favorite kind of genre or someone you have written with or for that you never thought you would?

Sam: I would say the person I never thought I would write for is Ciara. I wrote “Dose” for Ciara and I wrote it with Darkchild. And if you don’t know who Darkchild is, he produced "Say My Name." I feel like I was in my early 2000s R&B bag and I wrote that which was crazy. Then the first song I ever wrote that was for an artist was a song called “Confidently Lost” for Sabrina Claudio and that is like a slow jam R&B song. It’s different than the music I make, but it’s what I listen to. I’ve written for a lot of different artists and I think it’s cool.

Yes, I think it’s so cool. You don’t have to stay in a box or stay in one avenue. You’re a creative person, and writing gives you the outlet to do it for different people too.

Sam: Totally, and I also think if it’s a great song it can translate to any genre. Like, look at Dolly Parton. If I could have Dolly's career then great.

So I’ve been looking at your socials and I love the content you’ve been doing with the definitions on your videos that explain your song. How would you define your next song?

Sam: The definition or word I would choose would be anxiety. I was in the shower, and I had like a panic attack. I was telling myself "You’re gonna be alright, you’re gonna be alright," and it’s weird because they say to calm yourself down when you are upset "go to a body of water". So I had this weird disposition of like my body is freaking out on me, but I had this calming thing happening and so I kept saying “I’m gonna be alright, I’m gonna be alright” and so I wrote a song called “Alright” and it’s all about anxiety and not letting it defeat you.

Wow, I love that story have you told anyone that yet?

Sam: So it’s a collab. So I’ve told that story to that person who’s on it and the person who is on it is Meghan Trainor! It’s gonna be fucking sick.

Okay I saw an interview where y’all were laughing the whole time

Sam: Dude we’re homies man.

I related to you so much. You said, “I use humor as a cover-up for my trauma”. I was like “Me too’!

Sam: Yes that’s it! Because when in doubt, laugh about it!

Exactly you know it’s life.

Sam: Exactly!

So you’ve heard it guys we’ve got a collab with Meagan Trainer called “Alright” with Sam Fischer! Thank you so much for being here!

Sam: Of course, thank you so much for having me!



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