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JVNA: Life of a Multi-Instrumentalist & Debut Album 'Hope In Chaos'

Interview & Photos by: Orchee Sorker | June 6, 2022

Los Angeles based, dance/electronic artist JVNA sits down with Hazze Media to talk about life of a multi-instrumentalist and her past struggles which led to debut album Hope In Chaos.

What is it like being a multi-instrumentalist, producer, singer, and songwriter? Where did you learn how to mix? What motivated you to become skilled in all areas?

J: It's so nice. I originally wanted to pursue film scoring. That's what I went to school for. I went to a classical music school to study film scoring. When I was in school, I went to a rave, and there was electronic music. I thought it was really fun. So, I went on YouTube and started to learn how to make EDM. There was part of me where I was like, is this “good and real music” compared to classical music…but EDM is definitely a very skilled way of studying that is different from classical music. With my project, I've been combining what I've learned in that field to what I'm doing right now. So, it was a mix of the education and YouTube and just like being in a session with a friend.

Your debut album Hope In Chaos was released back in December. What was the meaning behind the album? Or like your thought process when creating it?

J: It was an album about like a four to five years period of my life. From college to after college, I went through a lot of major changes…some including my dad dying and some sort of assaults in my life. It was just having the courage to want to pursue something in the creative field, coming from an Asian family, where they want you to be a doctor or a lawyer. The album was about just having hope. Even though in your young twenties, you're going through so many changes. and it's about perseverance. That's a very dominant trait. My personality is to always believe that I can accomplish something I want. I think that album was sort of like a coping mechanism for that.


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