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Kelsi Davies: Supernatural & Psychic Abilities, Sixth Sense, "InTALKxicated" Podcast, & Her Music

Interview by: Orchee Sorker | May 31, 2022

Photographer: Tim Schaeffer Photography (@timschaefferphoto)
Hair: Mika Fowler (@mikahairstylist)
Makeup: Anton Khachaturian (@antonmakeup)
Stylist: Haili Pue, All Ze Details (@allzedetails)

Dress & Boots: Charles & Ron
Earrings: Kasha Bali
Stack Bracelets: Kendra Scott
Custom Rings: Hebdon Reblin Designs

Kelsi Davies talks with HAZZE MEDIA about her story about discovering her psychic abilities, practices which protect her gift, her favorite paranormal experience, the "InTALKxicated" podcast, and creating a safe space for her community.

How did you begin your career?

K: Hi, my name is Kelsey Davies. I'm a 24 year old actress, dancer, and singer. I also have psychic medium gifts that run in my family. I actually started acting when I was 18 for commercials and such. Then, I started going over to YouTube and just going to the most haunted places to really experience the paranormal realm because when I was little, I never understood it. I was always terrified of it and so scared of ghosts. I just wanted to kind of overcome that fear. I always had my gifts and I didn't understand them until quite recently…like I'm communicating with spirits…cause I always thought it was normal. I started my YouTube journey and then I went over to TikTok to share that journey with everyone. People just really started loving it.

When did you discover your physics abilities and interest in the supernatural? Do you have to have to do certain exercises or like practices to keep your sixth sense strong (meditate, etc.) ? What has been your favorite psychic experience so far?

K: I started when I was 18 or 19. I always knew that it was there. This past year, I found out it runs in my family very deep. My cousin has gifts. She never really talked about, um, my other cousin does as well. And family members that have already passed, had insane abilities that my whole family knew about. Since I was a child, my mom always knew I was a little bit different. It was just something that we thought was normal. This year, they were like it runs in your family.

Maybe meditation…I don't know different things. It's something I can't really turn off. I wish I could tap out of the medium ship, but the psychic stuff, it's just always been kind of draining. I would always take a lot of naps when I was little and stuff. I slept a lot because it was just always so draining whenever I would go out in public and stuff. I've found ways to protect my energy. I've found ways to protect my energy by meditating and crystals. Sage, which is what my native American ancestors used. I've been really practicing with my mediumship and just giving readings. I always always do them for free. So I just do them for family, friends, and whoever. It helps me practice, and it just has made me realize how strong my gifts are.

I would always remember this woman. She’s on TikTok, and she lost her daughter when she was maybe two or three due to brain cancer. She just wanted to know her daughter was safe. She's like, can I pay you to connect with her? I always do readings for free. I'm just going to do it. I'm going to see if she comes through for you because I just couldn't imagine losing a child. You can’t really just move past that in an easy way. I connected with her daughter. Her daughter ended up coming through, and she was a little bit shy at first. She was kind of peeking in, and she was with an older woman. I was like your daughter is happy and safe. She had hair and was in a little dress. The woman said her grandmother passed away six months ago before we did this reading. So, she's like maybe it’s her. The little girl kept saying, “Mommy, I can hear you.” The girl kept showing me specific yellow butterflies. The yellow butterflies were their sign before the girl died. With the yellow butterflies, they were choosing between two funeral rooms. The one they chose for their daughter's funeral had yellow butterflies on the wall. It was interesting to just pick that up because something that specific you can't just make up. Then, her daughter also kept putting her pinky up like a signal with their hand. I'm not really sure what she was trying to show me. The mom was like before she passed, she was having a hard time speaking. We were teaching her, “I love you” in sign language, but she couldn't quite get it. That was just a really heartwarming experience. It brought me to tears.

You also have a podcast “InTALKxicated”. What kind of message do you hope your audience will take back as they listen to your podcast? In other words, why did you choose to begin a podcast series?

K: I'm a big marijuana advocate. I live in California and it's something that's helped my anxiety a lot. I want to advocate for legalizing marijuana. I wanted to do a podcast where I share stories, creepy, funny, and all well intoxicated things. Uh, so my, uh, my choice is always marijuana. So I wanted to share my goofy self with people. I want people to be able to listen to something chill, entertaining, but kinda dumb. I wanted to create a safe place for people to come and listen to different people's experiences of their paranormal experiences on the podcast. We're not faking it. I want it to be super authentic. My audience really loves it. I'm so grateful for that.

How was it like being featured on Travel Channel’s Paranormal Caught On Camera?

K: Some movies are pretty accurate with a lot of the paranormal things, but then some of them make it more entertaining. There will be instances where I've seen things fly. I've seen doors shut. I've seen chairs being thrown. I have seen that, but it doesn't happen all the time. That's something that's pretty rare for me to see. When it does happen, I freak out because it's just so it's just so surreal seeing. Whereas in movies, you know that they're moving it and making things a little bit more exaggerated. With Paranormal Caught on Camera, it was really cool to be featured there because I would watch that show all the time. I put myself through a lot going to these places emotionally and physically. There's a lot of risks when you go to these haunted places and to have what I've caught on camera and my experiences shared with other people and a very large audience. It's really cool to me. And I hope that that can continue.

I saw that you create music. Your two recent singles are Done and Darker. Were you always passionate about music? What was the creative process behind Darker?

K: I've always enjoyed singing. I would always do impressions and karaoke. My dad's side of the family are all like opera singers. It kinda runs in the family. I've just kind of wanted to do it for fun. I wanted to experience making a music video. All my songs have been written by Vago. They're super talented artists from London. For Darker, I wanted to do something creepy and could share Halloween. I wanted to portray the dark side of love. There's just such darkness like even the Amber Heard trial. You see pictures of them; they look super happy, but then behind the scenes that love is so dark and toxic. The song dug into that in such a unique artistic way. I absolutely loved what they came up with. They sent me the demo and right away I was like, “Yes, this is awesome.” The music video was directed by Chris Bullinger. He does an amazing job.

What do you hope for your brand in the future? Do you see yourself focusing on aspects or still open to different things? Any upcoming goals?

K: I just want to create a safe community where people can come and share their paranormal experiences. If they're mediums, if they're psychics, you know, people can call you crazy. People think you're faking it, or you're a fraud. I've gotten a lot of hate for that. and I'm sure a lot of people have. I just wanted to create a good, safe space for people to come and share their stories and share their struggles. I want to create a positive community. I'm really glad that it is building up. For myself, I do want to focus on acting. It's just been a passion of mine since I was young. I want to dig into it and I'll still be on social media, making content, no matter what.


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