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Leah Mason: Recent Single "Klepto" and Anticipation of Debut Album "Hexed" Out This July

Interview by: Jenny Salazar / June 6, 2024

Leah Mason is a brutally honest singer-songwriter passionate about accurately depicting her thoughts and emotions on personal life experiences. From friendship and lover relationships turned toxic, Leah refuses to bite her tongue. Her wittiness and charm shine through her edgy, bold, and confident lyrics. Leah's music transcends boundaries, reflecting her desire to explore different genres and avoid being confined to a specific musical category. 

Leah has insightful advice and emphasizes the importance of listening to the perspectives of trusted friends when facing challenges in love, drawing from her own experiences and understanding of the complexities of relationships. Leah mentions that her latest single “Klepto” was inspired by a friendship that took a turn for the worse. As much as I saw the warning signs, I brushed it off as “flattering” that someone would want to be like me. That is, until it started getting way too personal. Stealing my things, copying my every move, stealing my friends… it went way too far.” 

When she goes on to advise listeners with a powerful message, "Trust your gut. I had a bad feeling about this person for a while and I kept ignoring my intuition even though it's always right. If you don't feel good around someone, they're not meant for you."  There's a vulnerability in friendships; people with ill intentions can take advantage of you once they create a relationship with you. Sometimes, we're blind-sighted by this, and it takes a while to recognize because we want to believe that the friendship is genuine. Right after writing "Klepto," Leah knew she wanted to film something with a ski mask to play on the whole "thief" theme for the music video.

During the discussion with her videographer, they were reminded of the A24 film Spring Breakers, which is about a group of college girls low on cash who rob a diner and head to Florida for spring break. They decided to maintain the same neon-lit convenience store scenery mixed with a playful aesthetic as the A24 film.

A pivotal moment in Leah's career was realizing her potential beyond a specific genre, allowing her to embrace diverse opportunities and experiences. This decision has propelled her toward a path of artistic growth and fulfillment. Leah's musical journey began with performances of Led Zeppelin songs, reflecting her love for classic rock. She finds personal resonance in the lyrics of "Going to California," embodying the determination and resilience expressed in the song. 

In overcoming creative blocks, Leah emphasizes allowing creativity to flow freely without self-imposed constraints. Her best work emerges when she embraces a sense of openness and freedom in her songwriting process and resonates it with a refreshing authenticity and a genuine connection to her audience. Leah's sound as an artist is characterized by her embrace of pop sensibilities, infused with diverse musical inspiration. Growing up in a genre-less household influenced her to various musical influences, from Miles Davis to Britney Spears, which powerfully shaped her eclectic musical style. 

Leah's current major project consumes her time and attention as she prepares for her upcoming album set to be released this year. The album is expected to convey a recurring theme of luck or lack thereof, reflecting Leah's genuine and authentic approach to her music.  To stay updated with Leah Mason, you can listen to bits of her unreleased music and behind-the-scenes videos on her TikTok. 


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