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Almost Monday: Australia, National Tour This Summer, & New Music

You guys just recently released new songs called Sunburn and Sun Keeps On Shining. What were some of the inspirations behind the music and the lyrics?


“Well, Sunburn is really cool because we reversed-engineered it. We started with the title and tried to imagine what Sunburn would sound like. It kind of just went from there. It turned out pretty cool, it's always fun to switch up the process when making music. Seeing different styles of what works and what we can do to change up the sounds.”

Dawson: “With Sun Keeps On Shining, we wanted to write a song in a humorous way. The verses are really bad situations to be dealing with but the chorus is a happy alternative way to kind of bring a jokingly light to them. Basically as much as life gets you down there’s still always a positive or hopeful way you can take going forward.”

You guys just filmed a music video in Australia? How was it and it wasn’t your first time going there?

Cole: “Australia was amazing. It was Dawson and I’s first time in Australia. Luke has actually been there once before that. We were in Sydney for a week And then we traveled up to the Sunshine Coast. It was great and there were just amazing beaches up there. We are all from San Diego and it’s known as a beach town area so it was great to be near some other beautiful beaches. Ironically, we didn’t have a lot of sun while we were out there. We had to cram a lot of our filming into about two full days. We got to drive around to a lot of cool different locations. And just really see a lot of amazing scenery. We also got to do some really fun things out there as well and checked out the zoo.”

You guys have been traveling all over. Going to Australia and on your tour. How was your first international tour?

Dawson: “Honestly this has been amazing. Everyone has just been so happy to be there and the crowd has been absolutely amazing. It was a really cool experience and hopefully we can go and do that again.”

What is your pre-show routine?

Luke: “Oh, I usually try to distract myself. I like to go talk to people about random things. I also really like to shake my arms out and get moving a lot. Sometimes we get into a huddle and just kind of talk about everything. I really like to have it out of sight out of mind so that I don’t get too nervous.”

Cole: “You know right before a big show, I tend to get super anxious. And when I get anxious I get really tired. So I try to distract myself from yawning and getting tired. I really don’t know why and it’s kind of the exact opposite energy I need before I go and perform.”

What are some dream collaborations that you guys have?

Cole: “We haven’t done any collaborations with other artists yet. We’ve had people remix our songs but nothing made with someone else. It would be really cool to make music with someone now. We’ve been getting into artists so I think Empire The Sun would be a big one for sure.”

Dawson: “ Personally, I would like to collaborate with Shaq. We are currently listening to him as we are interviewing. And I’m truly just inspired. He’s really impressing us with him throwing down. I can see it now “Almost Monday x DJ Diesel”. I don’t know if anyone wants that but I want that. I see it now, Shaq with some surfer rock indie kids from California.”

Luke: “I definitely agree with Cole. Parcels would be cool and Empire The Sun too. I really like them and it would be cool.”

Do you guys have any new releases that you’re working on or an album in the works?

Luke: “We’re definitely working on a ton of singles right now. We are shooting the visuals for them currently. There will be more songs to come forsure.”

You guys are going on a summer tour with Clubhouse. Do you guys wanna talk about it a little bit?

Dawson: “Yeah we’re all super excited for it. It’s gonna be a really great time because you know everyone’s there just to support you. When you are playing as an opener you get this underdog feeling where you really need to win the crowd over to get them all hyped up for the headliner. But, there’s something beautiful when people are just there when they like you. For me it makes it so much easier to perform when I know people there like you. You feed off of energy. We’re really honored to have the Clubhouse boys with us. It's gonna be a great time.”

Do you guys have any specific cities on the tour that you’re excited to visit?

Cole: “We’ve actually been playing in all of the cities that we’re going to. All of them are great places. I think one of my favorites has to be Chicago. We played there about five times and it’s always been amazing.”

I have some individual questions for you all now, Dawson, what is your pre-show pump up song?

Dawson: “Personally, I listen to Jai Wolf’s Indian Summer song. Then I just go on stage and let it happen. I kind of just let loose. We all saw him live together and I saw that song and I just connected so spiritually. I try to harness the energy from the first time I saw it, to every time I listen to it before I go on stage. We were playing at Summerfest and he was going on that night. It was like the loudest show I have ever been to. I remember the bass being so strong it felt like it could rip your clothes off. I don’t know how to explain it so I bring Jai with me everywhere I go. Thank you Jai.”

Now Cole, What is your favorite song to skate to?

Cole: “Favorite song is skate to? Hm. I actually don’t really skate to music but if I had to pick a song it would have to be anything by The Strokes. I don’t really wear headphones or anything while skating. But definitely something by them.”

Now Luke, what is your favorite Taylor Swift song?

Luke: “We did some shows earlier in the year and after the show we went to a Taylor Swift after party. I like Taylor Swift. I don't listen to her a lot but I did listen to her with my sisters. We all shared an iCloud growing up so I would have their music downloaded and I think I would have to say “Our Song”. I remember that song would make it into my playlist as a 14-year-old.”


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