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Bishop Briggs & Mister Wives Kick Off Their “Don’t Look Down” Tour In Nashville, TN At Brooklyn Bowl

Photos and Review by: Cole Plichta | September 8th, 2023

The NYC band Mister Wives along with special guests Bishop Briggs and Raffaella rocked out at Brooklyn bowl in Nashville for what is the first date of their 24-date tour. Fans were eagerly anticipating After an incredible performance from Raffaella to get everyone warmed up, Bishop Briggs made her way on stage to talk a little bit about the tour, what the inspiration was, and why Nashville hold such a special place in her heart.

After a very involved and action packed performance from Bishop the intro for Mister Wives began to roll, and the band took the stage. The lead vocalist of the band, Mandy Lee, did not disappoint when it came to crowd involvement, entertaining motion, and spot on vocals.

About halfway through the show the set slowed down a bit to reveal Mandy with arrows in her back on stop of the glowing LED screen which made for an incredible scene to watch on stage along with a nice tribute to their newest studio album “Nosebleeds”.

Show Rating Based On Category: Rating Breakdown by Cole Plichta Show Visuals: 7/10 Opener Continuity/Relevance: 8/10 Sound: 9/10 Setlist: 9/10 Crowd Involvement: 8.5/10 Artist Performance:8/10 Overall Score: 8.25/10


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