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Briston Maroney Presents Paradise: Saturday's Packed Schedule with Nightlong Vivacious Entertainment

Photos & Review by: Orchee Sorker & Mahika Lunker | Saturday October 14, 2023 | Brooklyn Bowl Nashville, TN

Paradise Festival, presented by the incomparable Briston Maroney, returned for its second year, transforming Brooklyn Bowl in Nashville into a musical utopia for three unforgettable days. Saturday's lineup boasted a diverse array of talents, featuring the likes of Hannah Cole, Arcy Drive, Charlie Burg, and of course, the man himself, Briston Maroney.

From the moment doors opened, Paradise Festival radiated an atmosphere of pure jubilation. Attendees were immediately greeted by vibrant installations and immersive experiences, including a portrait station that captured the essence of the festival's spirit. The addition of a tattoo booth further cemented the event's dedication to self-expression and individuality.

The night started with the mesmerizing sounds of Hannah Cole. Her ethereal voice resonated through the crowd, setting the stage for an evening of musical magic. The fusion of indie pop influences in her setlist created a captivating atmosphere, drawing listeners into her world of poetic storytelling.

Following Cole's entrancing performance, Arcy Drive took the stage, delivering a sonic rollercoaster that left the audience breathless. Their electrifying energy and intricate instrumentals demonstrated a mastery of their craft, showcasing a band on the cusp of something extraordinary.

As the night progressed, Charlie Burg brought a unique blend of introspection and danceable beats. His set was an effortlessly transitioning between introspective and infectious, danceable grooves. The crowd swayed and swirled, completely entranced by Burg's magnetic stage presence.

It was Briston Maroney who stole the show, sending shockwaves through the crowd with an electrifying performance that defied all expectations. From the first note, Maroney's raw passion and undeniable talent were on full display, enveloping the audience in a whirlwind of sound and emotion. His connection with the crowd was palpable, each lyric delivered with an intensity that left no doubt.

One of the festival's most memorable moments came when Briston and his father, to the crowd's wild delight, joined the mosh pit, bridging the gap between performer and audience in a way that felt authentic and unscripted. It was a testament to the genuine nature of Paradise Festival and its commitment to creating an inclusive, unforgettable experience for all.

The overall ambiance of Paradise Festival was nothing short of exhilarating. The mosh pit was a testament to the infectious energy that pulsed through the crowd, uniting fans in a shared euphoria. From the carefully curated lineup to the immersive experiences scattered throughout the venue, every detail was meticulously planned to create an atmosphere of pure musical ecstasy.

With its commitment to showcasing exceptional talent, providing a platform for self-expression, and fostering an environment of pure, unadulterated joy, Paradise Festival is a beacon of musical bliss that will continue to shine bright for years to come.

Check out photos from all the sets below and words from a few of the festival attendees.

Words from Paradise Festival Attendees

I liked the order of the openers. It started from calm to energetic, to groovy and then finally the best for last.

The tattoo area added to the festival vibe. It makes it more interactive and brings a part of Briston to the venue.

The crowds energy was on point. Everyone was very energetic and engaged but no one was rude or pushy.

I loved how artists were talking and engaging with the crowd. It made it more intimate. They would convince the audience to sway them to consume more of their songs.

I enjoyed seeing the band members dance and goof around with each other while singing.

The lighting for Briston's performance was amazing. It matched the songs and the rhythm.

I definitely am looking forward to this next year!

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